Lonesome Kate and Pilgrim's Place

"Why is life so complicated?"

Cried out the lonesome Kate

To no-one who could hear

Except the pilgrim feeling the fear


Her eyes were flooded with dreams

And thoughts like anger with no screams

She raised her head up to see

The pilgrim who still wouldn't flee


Saint's pleasure hung from her mind

Nothing better could she find

So she went to the pilgrim's place

Subtle smiles and idle touching grace


And as she sat beside him

Just Kate and one trying grin

Eye contact exposed to the hawks

So they found a place away from the squawks


So sitting there they exchanged their words

The night's end made Kate utter such a curse

But as the pilgrim slept she slipped away

To try and order her thoughts for the day


She returned in twelve hours time

The pilgrim had remained without a whine

There she went up to him and gave a blessing kiss

Standing there for that moment's bliss


Eventually Kate left the pilgrim's place

After touching his graven but smiling face

She left with a promise of return

She went as the pilgrims' fire still burned