"42974 " was the number I had written carefully on my hand. Every few minutes people asked me "Is that the winning lottery number?" or "Is that how old Mrs. Sandra (My teacher) is?".

All day questions kept on flying in my direction almost stabbing me with their hunger to know the answer. I fed them all with a solid and firm "NO".

Finally I told what it stood for when my mom was like "Writing on your hand again now are we Monicurl?" I said "yup" knowing that me writing on my body was one of my mother's pet peeves. "So what does the number stand for?" asked my mother. "Oh its just my UserID number on FictionPress. I got bored and wrote it on my hand".

A/N- .Some things in this pieceare factual but the actual event is fictional. BTW, I don't have and never have had a teacher named Mrs.Sandra I just felt like putting that name there. Please R&R.