"Today is gonna be a good day!!!!!!!" yelled Monicurl totally self-absorbed. She had all 432 of her new pencils loaded in her book bag. Since she had so many pencils she could give one to everyone who asked to borrow and pencil and still have pencils left.

Whistling the horrible way she does Monicurl whisteled an unkown tune all the way to the bus stop. As she sat down on the curb she heard a big "RRRRPP".

She wasn't sure if the noise had been her pants so she looked all around until she was sure there was no hole in her pants. Finally she stood up and checked her book bag. Her bag's zipper had broken.

"oh great" thought Monicurl. There goes my plan to give away pencils to everyone. And just as she thought that everyone at her bus stop stole all 432 of her pencils and then boarded thee bus as if nothing eventful had happened.