not emo despite the mention of black tears (oh hush). written two years ago November in history class... which was so boring it inspired me.

Freezing Rain

Thoughts churn inside my head

But nothing makes enough sense

So I sit

And I wait

Staring at a blank page

But look!

The page is no longer blank

Ink, black as night

Black as sin

Black as my beloved coffee

Slowly appears, as if from an invisible pen

But still…!

The words…

They are the thoughts

Once inside my head

And still making no sense

But now…outside…

Black on white

With blue lines in between


As if,

They finally belong.

Clack on white with blue in between.

The ink splatters,

Droplets flying, forming a starburst

On the desk.

The invisible pen

Tumbles to the floor

And my head falls forward,

Onto the desk

The starburst pattern sticks to my skin

And smears

'Til I cry black tears

I softly breathe

As the black blood ink is pulled

Through the little creases in my skin

Until the starburst becomes

A snowflake

Blooming across my cheek

And rain falls

Mixing with the snow from the cloudy gray

That was my eyes

The forecast for today?

Freezing rain.