Dancing to the sound

Of piano keys

Hardly a moving tune

Just another melody

Making an opening

For an unpracticed


Quit while you're ahead

Or perhaps before you start

No one wants to hear

This grating song

Of love and happiness

You will give

I can't help but

Roll my eyes

How cliché you seem

When I am only

Here today and

Gone tomorrow

I know in a fortnight

You will be crooning

Some other fool

With blushing cheeks

And a trembling heart

How utterly sick

Even to think upon

Your ensnaring ways

"What a beautiful night"

Perfect, of course

"Hardly compares to you"

Blushes and twinkling eyes

Reflecting off the stars

You so pointed out to be

"Enticingly tempting"

Or was that my lips?

I should run before

I'm ensnared again

In this beautiful trap

Of the classic

Love Con