Do you wake up in the morning
With the idea in the back of your head of an ocean to swim in
Yeah an ocean to drown in
When you can no longer touch the bottom

This is something
This is the red line
We can't cross without
This is something
This is deliverance
All things considered and
This is nothing
This is nothing
Just tell yourself
That this is nothing

Oh, but it is.

Here's the difference between
The words we say and the words we mean
An ocean for us to drown in so deep
An excursion to the bottom, to the bottom, to the bottom

This is something
These are my deepest fears
Coming into the spotlight
And there's nowhere safe to hide.
Yeah this is something
Everything you don't want to show
For there's so much that could be blown
Ripped apart by this kind of bomb
And yeah I wish I had something
Something better to say than silence

Oh, but it could be...

What do you expect of me?
Do you want me to wait on shore
For a tide that will never come in?
I've had enough of this madness.

This is something
This is a call to arms
This is my final stop.
This is something,
This is the thin red line
And I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting for you to cross it and
I'm waiting for you to realize
That we've got everything to lose

But oh, what we could be...

We could be something beautiful,
We could be something sincere,
We could be something compassionate
And transparent-clear

But oceans cleave us
Like our loves bereave us
And the sinning's all the same
As we walk out tonight in shame
Head hung in hands to define what it means
To really be incomplete

This was something
A crucial moment within your heart
This was something
The thin red line to never be crossed
This was beautiful
The moment expanding into minutes
Turning into hours and days and weeks
And the years would pass without a thought
As it spiraled wildly out of our hands

What will we be?

#659 - 12.31.06