Author's Note: At last I've managed to bundle enough muse together to start another story. I know I should've finished Piranha, but I wasn't all that happy with it. I really like this story, and I hope you will too. It starts off a bit slow, but really begins to pick up in the sixth chapter. I didn't make the same mistake as last time, and write them as I go along because I know I can get tied up sometimes. I have the next seven chapters finished at the moment and will add in one or two every week. One exception to that is if I get two reviews for one chapter then I'll just add in another, if that is any encouragement to review. I don't really need reviews to write, but they do make me feel good. Everyone here knows the feeling, right? Anyway, on with the story.


My name is Alastriona but usually only go by the end of my name, Trina. My mothers' name is Melena and just like me goes by the last of it, Lena. By her choice we dropped our last names the day we made it out of Meli, where we had lived. My father is Rashne Dmitar, the president of all of Gwenda. I was only seven when we left him, but mother tells me he is a very bad man. He is the reason I'm not like other children, and can't even go to school with them. He is the reason that we hide. I know you need more explication than that though. Let me brief you on what has happened so far in my twisted life.

Gwenda is in the middle of the two other countries on our planet. While Nelu is to the North, Suniti is to the South. We're surrounded by water, and a couple small islands but besides that Avani has nothing else to it. Many explorers have gone out to sea looking for more land, but they always end up on the other side. I guess it's just a small planet. Anyway, the three countries have never been quite friends. Alliances have been tried, but have always failed. No one ever seems to get along for longer than a year. We all differ so much. Nelu and Suniti don't believe in technology because they think it only brings trouble and complicates things. Gwenda flourishes with its' technology. We've accomplished so much more than them. We're advancing into the future, while time stands still for them. That is at least what I've been told.

I was born in Meli, the capital of Gwenda. As far as I remember it's a city that goes on non-stop. Ships are always flying over-head and the streets are always full of people. I didn't see too much of that. I was usually in the largest building of all- the presidential building. I spent most of my time in the basement. I was the latest experiment of Kerman Olev. Since he had his male heir he was willing to play a risky game with his second-born daughter. He wanted me to become a weapon, while still being a human. They started when I was still in my mothers' womb. She protested, but in the end gave in to his demands. When she gave birth they noticed something odd about me. I had my left arm completely covered with black and white hair. The thing that was extremely strange was that I had claws, even if my hands seemed to still be human. My eyes were those of a cat too. They didn't know until later about the fangs of cat-teeth I had. My mom told me that my father wouldn't look at me for days. He ordered that Olev only experiment on me more because I was already ruined, according to him.

It's not much fun growing up in a lab. A small indoor living area, needles always being poked into you, and not to mention the toys they gave me were those of a cat. I grew more bitter every year. Believe me, even when I was six I was a rotten little hellion. Any scientist who dared to come close to me usually didn't escape without a scratch. It took them a while before they decided to actually clip my nails. After that I was a bit more compliant, but more likely to bite them. When I was four they handed me a wooden sword. They believed maybe I just needed to let my anger out fencing, instead of attacking the scientists. They were trying to create the ultimate warrior after all. I developed talent quickly, which made the scientists watch me even more. Even as a small child I knew to stop in order for them to leave me be.

I was often visited by my mother, often accompanied by my brother. He was two years older than me, and much wiser. We didn't get along the best. We were two completely different people despite us being so closely related. To put it bluntly, he was a spoiled snob who looked down on me. Mom would always comfort me though, telling me she loves me just as much as my brother. I didn't talk too much, but what do you expect out of a five year old child? I loved having her around. She was the only one who actually cared for me. Rashne visited me every once and a while. I could never bring myself to think of him as my dad. He never loved me, and I felt nothing but hate for him. If it hadn't of been for him I'd be living with them in luxury.

Another person I had the privilege to occasionally see was another experiment. He was unfortunate to be the son of Kerman. His name was Cadogan, and he was four years older than me. While I took up cat-like looks, he ended up with those of a wolf. He had silver hair and doggy fangs. He was one of the few people I'd actually try to talk with, even if I had my difficulties with speech. He was the only one who understood what I was going through at that time. As young as I was I still kept a spot in my heart for him. I truly miss him.

Finally the day I turned seven my mother grabbed a hold of me and told the scientists she was going to take me out for a little vacation. She packed up as much of our things as she could and we left. We did this while my father was away on a business trip on the other side of Gwenda. They had no choice but to let us go. My mother had been left in charge while he was gone, being the vice-president. It just made things so much more simpler for us to leave. She wasn't stupid though. She still had many people under her influence in the building. They were against what he did to me too. I do believe she stayed in contact with them even after she left. That was how she remained up to date on even the most secret things going on in the place.

She moved us to a small village near to the border of Suniti. She suspected it'd be the last place my dad would look for us. I loved it there. I finally felt like I was free, even if my mother restricted me from going out before sunset. A child who appeared to be half cat would surely stir up something. That's when I learnt that I had excellent night vision. My mom explained to me how the eyes of a cat work. She told me how my retina contains many cells that are very active in dim light. She also said that I have a layer of cells at the back of my eyes that reflect light back through my retina. I got double the light than the average human. I found it quite interesting.

Within the first year of moving there my mom started a group of rebels. She said they were standing up to what Rashne was doing to children. He had more experiments going now, according to her sources, and they were all children. They had been taken from an orphanage and experimented on. I was horrified when I heard the news. Well, I wasn't too horrified. I was just a young child. I didn't quite get it all just yet. Mom told me not to worry though, and that I was smarter than the average kid anyway. It wasn't too comforting though.

Now I'm ten years old, and I'm beginning to actually understand what has been going on. The group as grown more now, but they haven't done much. They have all been teaching me as much as possible. I've taken up sword again, and I'm building up some talent. They tell me at the rate I'm going I might just be able to fight with them when they take down the government. That only encourages me further, and I usually find myself exhausted from all the practice. There's just something about fighting that makes my blood rush. I love the feel of metal colliding with metal, and occasional flesh. I told my mom that and she nearly stopped my training. She burst into tears and hugged me. She told me she didn't want me to become the monster that my dad wanted me to be. While she wants me to be able to fight, she doesn't want me to enjoy killing others. I tried to calm her down and I told I've never killed any one and I don't plan on doing it. She made me promise I'd never kill any one. I promised her and she just hugged me tighter. She thanked me over and over again that night.