I woke up the next day inside of a mansion in a large pale room. It was the rebellion headquarters, which was owned by the twin's parents. Damian didn't speak too much about home, so I was actually surprised to see his home. The place was absolutely gorgeous. I had always imagined Suniti as a place without any technology, but I was proved wrong. They had technology but it wasn't overused like you'd often see in Gwenda. I felt so comfortable here, like I did with my mother.

After dinner that day we watched the news to see how Reagen was doing. I watched the television in awe as he elegantly explained everything that happened. He confessed that he knew what I was going to do, and did nothing but encourage it. I expected him to be arrested at that point, but he continued on. He told the world about what the government was doing in secret. He told them about my experience as an experiment, and how it would stop. He was going to do his part to make his country a better place, and to start it off he made it illegal to experiment on humans. He even went as far to excuse the rebels for what they did. We were welcome in Gwenda, and he even invited me to come back.

Even after he finished up and was off the television I stared, stared, and stared some more. It was unbelievable! Even his audience agreed with every single word he said. I was no longer a convict! I was out of my daze when Damian tapped on my shoulder. I glanced over to him and saw a smile on his face.

"You going back?" he asked me, looking me in the eyes. It was such a simple question, but I couldn't find a straight answer for it. Edmund had invited me to stay with them as long as I wanted because he considers me a friend, and I did what the rebellion had always dreamed of.

"Eventually," I mumbled as I leaned back into the couch. His grin tightened to a line across his face. He walked out of the room, and Edmund walked over from another couch taking Damian's seat.

"You know," he said dreamily, "Damian really cares for you. He even influenced your future… instead of you waking up in that meadow you woke up here. He's just been a little bit moody lately. He blames himself for you nearly getting killed, don't ask me why, and he's really just upset with himself. Just give him some space, and time."

And so I did.

A week later of giving Damian space I grew extremely agitated. It wasn't his fault, it was Olev's fault. I couldn't even relax a single week before I felt like punching holes in walls. It reminded me of when I was a kid, and how Haylie took me out every night to keep me in check. I was made for fighting, and there was no way I could change that. It is a part of me as much as my heart. That is why I packed up to leave. I was going back to Gwenda; to Reagen, to see if I could find something for me to do to keep me fighting. I confronted Damian about what I was doing, why, and within the next hour he was packing his own bag.

"I don't want to leave you own your own," he told me, "and it's the kind I want to live too."

The next day we were off in a sleek black car. Our bags were in the trunk, and Svenja in the back seat. We switched seats occasionally, allowing the other to sleep during the drive. The drive was peaceful, with few words spoken between us. We held hands, and let the comfort of the silence pass the time. We were going home.

We ended up checking in at a hotel halfway through our adventure. I have no idea how Luther managed to get us into Suniti so quick last time in that van. The three of us curled up onto a bed and fell asleep. When I rose in the morning, Damian was talking on the phone. My eyes shut lightly, still trying to look asleep.

"We'll be there in a couple hours," he told the phone. "Your little sister hasn't been doing the best; I admit, but if we get her back out fighting she should be fine. I understand from Vincent that if she doesn't do what she's made for she can get extremely violent and unstable. She was peaceful throughout the drive, but there's something in her head that disturbs her. So, do you have a job for her or not?" There was silence on his end for a long while, and then he laughed, "thanks Reagen. She'll be very pleased to hear that. We'll see you in a bit. Take care."

"Pleased to hear what?" I asked sweetly, turning over in the bed to look at him. He rose an eyebrow, and smirked down at me.

"He's hiring us both back as agents. I'll be the leader, with you as my second-in-command. It's all one big group now so the rest of them will be under us. We have Brayden, Wyatt, and Patrick. Kaida has become general, with Ian as her second-in-command," he explained-- as always. "Though, the agent's tasks have changed a little bit. We'll be working more towards getting rid of all the little groups who still believe experimenting is right. Are you up for the challenge?"

"You know I am," I said copying his smirk.

"Good," he said with a nod, "then we shouldn't keep the president waiting."

I showered and slipped into some different clothes while Damian packed. He was still being strict with himself even after we were in Suniti. His morning routine began an hour before mine. He was already showered and changed. That saved us some time at least. I collected Svenja into my arms and we got into the car once again to make our way back to Gwenda's headquarters.

We were given access to the executive garage as Reagen was expecting us. This felt so familiar, but not. Cadogan only lived in our memories now, Kaida was already in the building, and we had the addition of Svenja who decided laying across my lap was a good idea. We made our way up to the top floor in the elevator, and were greeted by Patrick and Brayden.

To my surprise, Patrick was standing up at the entrance to the lounge room. He smiled a sheepish smile as he stepped out of our way.

"No hard feelings Pat," I said while touching his shoulder. I looked him straight in the eyes. "You were only going by orders, and I was fighting for my life. I hope that didn't hinder any possibilities of a friendship between us."

"I completely understand Miss. Dmitar," he replied with a grin and a nod. I gracefully took my hand off his shoulder and nodded back respectfully. "I look forward to working with you. I'll be honest-- I was passive when it comes to such things as experimentation, but hearing your story from Reagen has really changed my view on it. I hope we can stop it once and for all."

"Thank you," I whispered softly, "and I hope you can get past the formalities. We'll be working as a team and we really don't need to bother with them."

"Sounds good," he laughed, and I turned towards Brayden.

"Everything worked out fine," I told him, "so why aren't you going back to Suniti?"

"I decided to stay here and continue to fight against the problem," he said simply enough. I accepted that with a smirk before grabbing onto Damian's hand and lead him to Reagen's office door. I knocked on it, and the door opened moments later. I always thought I was ready for the unexpected until this moment.

"Alastriona," Kaida squealed before launching herself at me and twisting me into a tight hug. I looked over to Damian with my eyes as wide as possible before trying to back out of the hug, but she wouldn't allow it.

"Ahem," Damian cleared his throat, she soon squealed, and latched herself onto him. I took it as my chance to sneak into the office to find Reagen leaning back on his chair with his feet propped up on his desk. He looked really casual, but the look on his face was amazing. He looked like he was on top of the world. This was a side of my serious brother I hadn't seen before.

"She missed you," he explained with a shrug, "and I did too but I'm not quite so…"

"Clingy?" I suggested, "Affectionate? Predator-like? Evil?!" I twitched involuntarily.

"Aww," Damian cooed, "you never were hugged enough when you were a child, were you?"

"You're alive!" I sang before imitating Kaida's hug. I could feel his chest move as he chuckled.

"All right," Reagen loudly interrupted us, "enough hug-time-- I already have a mission for you so I need you to get settled in and ready for battle." That was enough for me to look over at him, but I didn't release Damian. "Fine, hug him all you want. As your older brother I guess I approve of the match so I won't complain too much."

"Hey," Damian mock-gasped, "we have approval! We can date!" The overly ecstatic look plastered on his face was so alien that it scared me.

"She's fifteen," Reagen reminded him, "and now that both our parents are dead it falls to me to decide what is good and bad for her."

"And you're letting her go on life-threatening missions," Kaida deadpanned, and rolled her eyes.

"Yes," he agreed, "and I'm sending Damian, Brayden, and Wyatt along with her. She'll be fine, it's the others that should be worried."

We continued joking despite Reagen's insistence that we get ready. In the time we were doing this, I realized the people in this room were my new family. Soon enough Kaida would be my sister-in-law, and I was going to be dating Damian-- and that meant the possibility of marriage one day. I hadn't felt so much at home all my life-- even when I was with my mother. Honestly, I was proud of myself for making all the decisions that I made because they led to this. I was truly content with everything that surrounded me, and it felt like nothing could stop us. We were continuing to take back this country with grace, and they weren't even going to know what hit them.

Final Author's Note: And there we have it! The end of Bleak Rebellion. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, and encouraged me throughout the writing of it. I confess this story turned out better than I had originally planned, and I'm proud. I hope to have up another story within the next month.

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