It had all started out as sort of a game I guess...A game to see who could get the most lipgloss for free. At first we tried to get people to buy the lipgloss for us but then Shanti said only lipgloss that we shoplifted should count. We all agreed with Ashanti maybe because we were scared of her or maybe because we looked up to her. Usually she makes the games more exciting but never once had she ended us up in trouble.

Today was a normal carefree day. One of those days were you look at yourself and say I'm not so bad off and the sun is up today. One of the days were everything is perfect and it seems like nothing can get in your way.

Shanti swung by my house in the morning with Tiffany,Taylor, and Alexis. Lexis and I flipped a coin to see if we should go to the mall today. We ended up going to the mall even though it said tails which meant to go bother people around the neighborhood.

Although it was unspoken going to the mall meant playing our lipgloss game. Shanti liked the game more than anybody and took stuff besides lip gloss for bonus points. I guess that's how we got caught. Ashanti tried to steal some earrings and didn't see the security code thingy on the back or the mall security by the door. Before we even got a chance to run she was in the guards' arms and the alarm was going off. In all the chaos nobody ran we kind of just froze until the guards grabbed us too and said they were taking us to mall security...