sooo… this is my first venture into the land of sharing my writing… be gentle! giggles actually I'm just a closet pervert. very very closeted. um. and pretty pervy. so if you like things like schoolboys getting disciplined with lots of humor and drama and romance – read on!

Aiya nodded slightly as he was introduced to Headmaster Tanaka, before sliding back down into his chair and his own thoughts. He had barely spared a glance at the man, but found as his parents conversed with the Head, his own thoughts were drawn back towards the man. He's awfully young, the boy mused, contemplating the circumstances which could have lead to the man assuming his current position. He studied the soft black hair that could almost be considered too long and gasped as he realized the sharp green eyes were studying him in return. He flinched slightly and stared at the floor. He hated that he was here. It was degrading, humiliating. He had been the top student in Belmont Academy. He had been a fucking prodigy. Until his father had discovered that his son had no intention of becoming a doctor or even a lawyer, but instead was focusing all his energy on writing. Writing was not an acceptable occupation for the eldest Takeshi. So after a brief but bitter argument he had been abruptly withdrawn from the only life he'd ever known and enrolled here. Brighton Academy; school for the incurables. Practically fucking boot camp. He sighed and shifted in his chair, earning a glare from his father and a raised eyebrow from the Headmaster. His mother, as usual, was oblivious. He straightened up in his chair, obedience an ingrained habit and stared appealingly at Headmaster Tanaka. Surely the man could see that he didn't belong here. He would say, "I think you've made a mistake, this boy obviously should be enrolled elsewhere. And if at all possible, allowed to study whatever he pleases."

The Headmaster cleared his throat and Aiya realized that his parents were heading towards the door and at last the reality of the situation sunk in. "Father," he whispered appealingly one last time, but the door clicked shut behind the two and Aiya was left alone in the office. The boy stared at the door, the reality of the situation sinking in, unsure of what to do.

He stared at the other man, bewildered, and said, "But we were only coming to ask about enrollment."

Shiori contemplated the boy, wondering what circumstances had lead to his arrival at Brighton. Obviously the boy had been left in the dark about most of the details.

"Your enrollment was completed a few months back."

The boy stared at his hands, silently taking this information in, giving Shiori a chance to study him more carefully. Given that the day was darkened by thunderstorms it was difficult to tell if the almost-curling hair was copper or gold, perhaps a mixture of both. The gray eyes lifted and stared calmly at the Headmaster.

"I suppose that's to be expected," he said, voice empty.

Shiori nodded and pressed a button on his intercom, summoning an older boy into the room. "This is Kanaye, a senior here. He'll show you to your room."

Aiya rose silently and followed the young man out of the room, leaving the Headmaster puzzling over his odd entrance to the Academy.

Kanaye turned and smiled once they were on the stairs, holding out a welcoming hand for Aiya to shake. "So, what's your name?" he asked, leading the boy down to first floor and out into a covered passageway to the next building.

Aiya stuck a hand out from under the overhang, allowing the rain to splash on his fingers, cool and real. "Aiya," he replied softly, suddenly clenching his hand into a fist and fighting to force his tears back.

Kanaye understood and walked along without looking back at the miserable youth. He led the boy along until they reached a big stone building with the door flung open and the noise of talking and laughter spilling out into the rain. "This is the dormitory," he said and glanced back.

Aiya nodded, gray eyes taking everything in. Now that his sadness had passed he had philosophically accepted that this was his fate and was contemplating how to make the best of it.

The boys in the hall fell silent as the two entered and Aiya wasn't sure if it was because of him or because of the young man who was leading him.

"Takai," Kanaye called and a tall, serious young man with black hair and striking good looks approached them.

"Christ," Aiya muttered, "Is everyone here attractive?"

Kanaye chuckled at this comment and introduced them briefly. "Aiya, this is my roommate, Takai. Takai, where's your brother at? This is Aiya, the new student. I believe he's rooming with Naoki."

Takai studied the boy who would be living with his brother. Aiya stared at the floor, feeling strange. This school seemed an awful lot like his old one, which should have been a good thing, but instead was making him feel uneasy. There had to be a catch.

Takai nodded finally and said, "I think my brother's in his room. Do you want me to take him up?"

Kanaye smiled gratefully. "That would be wonderful, I really should be getting back." He paused and then checked his pockets before drawing out a slip of paper. "One more thing, since you're heading up there anyway."

He handed the slip over to Takai who took it without looking and sighed, "Kyo, again?"

Kanaye nodded and glanced quickly at the clock on the wall before waving briefly and heading back out.

"This way," Takai said shortly and led the boy up a winding flight of stairs. "You're at the very top. Since we don't normally accept students mid-semester, you're rooming with two other people. Some people prefer that though."

He glanced at Aiya as if he expected an answer and the boy shrugged and mumbled, "I've never roomed with anyone before."

"Oh, I was under the impression you were transferring here from another private school."

Aiya squirmed and then whispered, "We all had our own rooms."

"I see," Takai said softly, impressed. He wondered what the boy had done to get transferred, but it was not something he was going to ask.

They reached the top of the stairs and Takai rapped sharply on the door and then opened it without waiting for an answer. Aiya peeked over his shoulder and saw a boy who looked remarkably like Takai, except for his blonde hair, sitting on his bed studying and a redhead slumped on the other bed, leaning against the wall and moodily ignoring the entrance of the two.

"This is Aiya," Takai introduced briefly, causing the boy lying on the bed to open one eye in interest and the blonde to smile welcomingly. "This is my brother, Naoki, and the other is Kyo. I believe your luggage was already brought up, so go ahead and get settled." He turned to his brother. "Naoki, can you bring him down to dinner later?" Naoki nodded and his brother turned to the last occupant of the room. "Kyo, Headmaster Tanaka wishes to see you."

He held out the piece of paper Kanaye had given him and Kyo flinched slightly. He rolled off the bed, shoving bare feet into his shoes and snatching the paper angrily from Takai's hand. "Whatever," he muttered and slowly began to descent the staircase.

Takai sighed and nodded at the other two. "I'll leave you to it, then," he said before following the rebellious Kyo.