I ran a mile yesterday
To cure my muscle clot
I stopped along a garden throng
Picked three forget-me-nots

In each petal was a tale
Of what the past has told
Before their death, with final breath,
They predict what will unfold

I ran two miles yesterday
My muscle still is sore
On my last lap, one flower clapped
And whispered of before-

"Train tracks, piercing tacks,
a long dead stack of roses;
a used corsage, fate's no mirage-
it's right under our noses."

With petals falling at a limp
A brown stem in my glove,
It faintly blurred its final word,
and that one word was-

I ran three miles yesterday
The pain still is at large
The second plant began to chant
As I ran on my charge-

"Blinker lights, star-filled nights
Glasses for the bright and sunny;
back-seat snuggle, no time to juggle
between your heart and money."

With petals falling at a limp,
It couldn't last forever
It faintly blurred its final word,
And that one word was-

I ran four miles yesterday,
The pain has never been worse
With one remaining, even while raining,
The last plant recited its verse-

"Terribly sick, illness strikes quick
smoke seeps thick from the lungs;
emotions at peak, and a kiss on the cheek,
regretting that you held your tongue."

With petals falling at a limp,
No matter how hard it tries,
It faintly blurred its very last word,
And that one word was

I stood in silence, gazing down
My petals had no bustle
Each one spoke of a love that's broke-
Of what had torn my muscle

Puddles formed as the storm died down
The sun poked through the skies
My pain disappeared, and the message was clear
True love never dies