(Disclaimer: I am not writing this to offend any religious people, I'm just seriously annoyed at zealots who try and use their religious beliefs as an excuse for hate crimes, even when abusing people like that is clearly against their religion. )

profane prophet

(locker combinations spinning out of control

graffiti exposition will one day take its toll)

guards, guns, chain link fences

imprisoning us to protect us

first graders are ostracized

for celebrating the wrong holidays

labeled before you're even born

heard of that type of thing before?

they're too busy spitting on the foreign kid

who cares that he's innocent?

can't even keep your "disparaging slang" straight

it rushes through my mind in another migraine

i knew i shouldn't admit it, but i did anyway

i thought you'd leave me alone, i was too naïve

an apology and an awkward question

isn't enough, i want an explanation

yes, I made some reckless choices

spoke out against the only voices

that we ever hear in this place

they don't tell us this isn't an isolated case

you know, last time i heard

equality was not a curse word

times change, get your history right

listen up, i've got an alibi

i wasn't alive a few thousand years ago

i don't want pointless fights, and that makes me cynical?

"Nation shall not lift up sword against nation"

but apparently guns are an exception

you've censored your history into oblivion

you won't admit that the present's occurring

someone please stop and think

you've pushed so many to the brink

how can any of us be free

if history repeats eternally?