Somewhere within us,

There is a hero.

Waiting for someone

To rescue.

Did you know that

Your Heroism has bee released?

Yes, indeed.

A girl, needed to talk.

Needed someone to listen to her.

To give her a reason,

To continue to live.

You held out your hand,

Listened to her talk,

And gave her a reason,

To hold on.

You showed her,

That it is alright to cry,

That it is alright to hate herself

But someone, especially you,

Would be there if it gets too much.

You would stay,

Taking her hand,

And leading her when she was blind,

Being her light when it was dark.

Yes, indeed, a hero has been released in you.

But remember,

When you find it difficult,

When you need a light in the dark,

She, this girl you saved, will be there.

Not to return the favour, no.

But because she knows there will be, and is, a need.

Even for a hero.