Redemption: The Half-Blood Summoner

Summary: To end a raging war, Princess Cassandra agrees to marry the King of the warring country, a man twice her age. It was a simple contract to end the war, but things are never what they seem... The escort from Griffin is a bumbling idiot, but he is not who he claims to be… As Cassie reaches Griffin's boarders, she finds that her whole life was a rose-colored lie. There more to her than she knew or could remember, especially her Guardian who she picked to protect her from herself.

Notes: This is a re-write. If you have read this before, thanks a lot! Your reviews were helpful to me and I love them! The plot is the same except with a few new twists. My grammar is not very great and my English too (thus the rewriting.) I'm looking for a beta reader to look over my writing for mistakes and grammar errors so I don't make the same errors again. I would also like a reader to run my ideas by. I don't know what else to say so enjoy the new chapter.

(One more thing just to be safe) Disclaimer: I own my characters, all of them. The ideas and stuff are archetypes so I hope there's no copyright infringement. If there is, I give full credit to wherever they came from. I get inspired by many, many things; I cannot remember of it all. The spells, I think, are common. Fireball is a fireball no matter where is it.

It all started when the letter came a week ago, the letter that will end this meaningless war. The letter offered my father King Phillip a chance to end the war. The letter was sent by his rival, he archenemy, his once-called-friend King Richard. The King of Griffin offered peace in exchange for my hand-in-marriage. The King is twice my age and older than my father, but I have consented to the union.

It's for my country's best interest. Lishtar is a small and young country. It has suffered enough in the past years of war. I know that Griffin and Lishtar were allies before, but now there was nothing but hatred between them.

Griffin is a large and affluent country unlike Lishtar which is a small and poor country. Griffin is also a country of magic. People from all over attend their famous Griffin University to learn the magical trade, but not everyone can. Lishtar has always been a simple country of forestry and agriculture. Lishtar was famed for its forest, but since the war, trees have been cut down. The beauty of my country has diminished.

I don't know why the war started; no one ever told me, but it has everything to do with my birth mother whom I have no memory of. Some say my mother was a native from Griffin. King Richard heard about my mother's death and he announced war on Lishtar. Rumors floated around that he was my mother's lover. Both King Richard and my father courted my mother, but my mother married my father Phillip Sinclair.

My father remarried a few years after my mother's death to a woman named Catherine. She is a duchess from Brigham. I think Catherine is a wonderful woman, and beautiful too. I like her. She is smart and clever and she helps my father with the Lishtar and the court business. Although I don't see her often, she's the only mother I can remember…

It did surprise most people in the castle, but I was only four. I don't recall much before that age. It's just bits and pieces.

I have a half-brother named Christopher. He is fourteen, five years younger than me. He takes after our father with his reddish brown hair and auburn eyes. He's growing taller every month. I'm only a head taller than him now, but I know he will be taller than me soon.

I, unlike him, take after my late mother. In fact, my father says I am the splitting image of her with blonde hair and light blue eyes. My skin is sickly pale even though I spend most of my time outdoors. I do not know why. My brother and father have tan and peachy skin, but Queen Catherine has skin similar to mine although hers is pearly white. Perhaps because I always look sick, the country wants me dead. They might believe I have a disease. My father once swore that I could be my mother's twin. I'm not certain if that is a positive thing or not.

Did I mention someone wants me dead? Since Chris was born, someone has been out to assassinate me. My nursemaid told me it was because of my mother. She told me that my mother was a seductress. She enchanted the three princes of Griffin and caused animosity among them. But that's just a rumor among other rumors. My father has never told me nor to any other living soul the truth about Alice Mori, my mother…

Princess Cassandra Sinclair sat back in her chair and placed her quill down. She blew lightly on the ink to help in the drying. It was her dairy and she made the last entry on the last page. Surprising herself also since it was also the end of her life in Listhar. True, people were out to assassinate Cassandra, but this was the end of her life in Lishtar because she was going to wed the King of Griffin. She will have a new life in the enemy country.

Sighing a bit, she opened to the first page of the diary.

I don't like her. I never will.

She could not remember why she wrote that. She didn't even know who the 'her' was. Cassandra read on.

Father gave me this diary so I won't be lonely, he tells me. Today is my fifth birthday! I got lots and lots of presents. Queen Catherine and my little brother Christopher and Thomas and Father were there. I saw this man I did not know. He looked sad so I gave him some of my cake. He smiled after that. I tried to get father to see what he wanted but the man disappeared. I wonder who he is.

The diary was not a large book, but a not a small one either. It was about 150 pages and after fourteen years, it was finally full. Cassandra did not write in it every day but only important events in her life. She flipped through more pages until something else caught her eye. It was in her pre-teen days.

I saw the man again. The sad one. I think it was him. He had the same sad eyes, like two purple gems. What are those called? I think amethyst. He watched me as I practiced archery with the General. When I told the General, the man was gone. I hope I'm not seeing things. Also, I think I'm hearing things. I thought the General told me that I had grown up to be a beautiful girl, and I thanked him. But I found out he never said that. Am I hearing things? Am I seeing things? Am I getting sick?

A few more pages forward.

Father is strange today. I don't know why. He seems different. When I looked at him, I saw a dark aura surrounding his body, but when I blinked, the aura was gone. Sometimes I see the aura on other people as well: the servants and the guards. It comes and goes. I don't want to tell anyone. They might think I am crazy.

"Princess Cassandra! Princess Cassandra!" The nursemaid called out. She ran into Princess Cassandra's chambers, "The escort is here, but he's not like the rumors the chambermaids and maidens in town spread. In fact, he is quite the opposite."

Princess Cassandra looked up from her diary, "How so?" Cassandra didn't hear what the maids had to say nor did she care. She had other things to do than listen to gossip, but this woman liked to gossip and so Cassandra listened.

"Well, Princess," she began, "They said he was tall which is true, but this man slouches and doesn't stand upright. His black hair is so rudely on his head, like a rag mop. His bangs cover his eyes. The maidens say he has the most enchanting eyes, but I cannot tell from that damn mess he calls hair. They said he was dressed in a neat waistcoat and long black trousers with a cloak made of the finest silk, but instead, this man dressed in an unfitting purple robe. Is this how the mages of Griffin look like? I wonder why they are winning the war! They are so hideous!"

"He has to be a powerful mage, Nurse, otherwise he will not be here. As you know, not everyone can become a mage."

Everyone is born with one of the 10 innate elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Life, Death, Metal, Wood, Dark, and Light. The innate elements are the basics of magic. The innate elements are also used in affinity such as friendship and marriage. Usually, the opposite elements, such as Light and Dark, hate each other, but sometimes they are attracted to each also, like Fire and Water. Similar elements like Life and Light or Earth, Water, and Wood, are united. A person portrays their element in personality or occupation or in other ways.

Even with the innate element, only a few can wield the power. The mages have discipline and hone their powers and skills to wield magic. Not every mage is limited to his or her innate element; the innate element is the specialty of the mage. If you are a fire innate, your fire skills excel better than all the others.

"Cassie! Cassie!" Her brother came into her bed chamber and interrupted the nursemaid's gossip, "Have you seen your escort?" He jumped on the bed and wrapped his stomach around his stomach as he laughed and laughed.

Cassandra sighed and chuckled, "Is he that horrible?"

"I was afraid you'll fall in love with the escort and run away with him." The nursemaid continued.

The statement prompted her brother to laugh harder, "AHAHAHAHA! You must be joking, nurse! If my sister falls in love with him, she must be desperate to get out of the wedding with old King Richard. Do you think his thing dangles and sags? Is it as wrinkled as he is?"

"PRINCE!" The nurse called out.

"Chris," Cassandra crossed her arms with a sigh, "I have to follow through with this marriage. It's the only way to end the war." She then added in a whisper to herself, "I just hope I don't have to bear children for him…"

"But I don't want you to marry the old man. He's older than father!" He jumped off the bed and ran up to her and hugged her, "Don't forget to visit me once the war is settled. I want to see you as often as I can."

She stroked his hair, "The distance is less than a week by the main road even if I walk on foot. When the war is over, when everything is at peace, I'll come back and visit for a week, two weeks, a month, whatever amount of days you want me too." Cassandra turned to the nurse, "Shall I go see to the escort?"

"Actually, no," the nursemaid replied, "He is in the kitchen eating a meal and then two hours from now, he'll meet you at the front gate. In the mean time, he told me to pack light for the trip."

Cassandra nodded, "Then we shall pack three traveling outfits, a gown, and my bow. Also pack an extra blanket for cold nights."

"Princess," the nurse frowned, "you're going to get married and you want to pack traveling outfits! And your bow!"

"The escort must have some experience. His words must have some reasoning to them." She concluded.

"But your bow!"

The bow was a gift from Lishtar's General for Cassandra's eleventh birthday. He taught her how to use it and she excelled in the sport, but it's been ages since she practiced.

In two hours time, Cassandra sat on her red mare Starfire and waited for the mage. Her unstring short bow and a quiver of arrows were hidden inside her bedroll. It was small enough for her to hide it. Under her bedroll was a pack of clean clothes. For the journey, she wore a simple grey top with corset dress under her large green cloak.

A man fitting the nursemaid's description rode up to her. He chuckled to her and grinned. It was true that no one could see his eyes. It was also true that his hair looked like a ragged black mop.

"You're my escort to Griffin?" The words blurted out of her mouth before she could control herself.

"Yes, of course." His voice didn't fit his appearance. His tone was comforting and assertive, but it has a playful side to it also. "Sorry Princess, for the delay. My horse didn't want to leave the stable. Kovar didn't want to start another journey, but shall we be going?"

"Umm, yes." Her eyes trailed down his purple robe to the black stallion as he rode ahead. The stallion was a fine horse, but of course, he must be one of King Richard's horses. It explains everything…almost everything.