Redemption: The Half-Blood Summoner


Kira stood off to the side of the celebration. With a giant smile, she looked at all her friends and companions around her. They had helped her reclaim the throne. Prince Hector of Alde Barren, Briar and Eevee of the Wu Tan Alliance, General Forester and his followers, the Mercenaries from all across the world, Sir Conrad and Griffin University, and also, the Summoners Nasir and Thomas.

Everyone was enjoying themselves and celebrating, including the citizens of both Griffin and Lishtar. Kira held the party at the border city Brigham. Although there was nothing left of the city, it was the closest place to each capital and it united the two countries together. Kira had the bridge rebuild, stronger than before. The open land of Brigham held the celebration picnic. Music, food, and wine were abundant.

Thomas and Melanie are to be wed in the spring. Cassandra promised to throw them a wedding, but until then, she would not be present. In the vast open plain, there was no sign of Cassandra and Kieran. They left for Kairi in hopes of changing the minds of the Pure Blood Summoners. It would be a difficult task, but as a Noble Summoner she has her place among the Nobles, even if she is a half-blood.

It has been two months since the war ended. The Rebels won, and the entire country celebrated. Much to Queen Kira's surprise, she was openly welcomed back. The citizens of the country cheered at the Rebel's victories. In the past weeks, Kira and her followers declared the official end to the seventeen year war with Lishtar. Griffin had won. The enemy Queen Catherine and the entire royal family were defeated. No one knew the truth except the Rebels commanders. However, no one but Cassandra, Kieran, and Thomas knew what actually occurred at Lishtar. On the eve of the victory, Kira received a note from Nightwing.

It said: We won. Lishtar is yours.

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