Dedication: To every single person who couldn't make it on their own.

She was taken to a mental institution yesterday. Nobody noticed her absence, nobody cared of her loss. They didn't even mention her or questioned her disappearance. She only made it to the least important section of the daily paper. Eighteen year old thrown into a mental institution yesterday for failed attempt of suicide. Nobody read the note, and if they did they just turned the page to see who occupied the top of the tabloids this week. Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton? Perhaps Britney Spears had accidentally smashed her baby's head. (And oh-it's so funny)

Who cared? Suicide was seen so common nowadays almost like a trend everyone was willing to follow; 'Pop Diva crashes her car in the 101 at three am today after the consumption of alcohol.' 'Hip Hop icon thrown in jail because he was discovered buying drugs with a dealer'

Suicide? Death? Stupidity? It's the trend, let's do it. Oh-I-wanna-be-so-cool lets crash our car, let's bring the chemicals in, let that scalpel cut our skins, live promiscuous lives (sorry honey you've got AIDS) -giggles- it's okay at least I enjoyed the sex. All in the name of fashion.

Eighteen year old thrown into a mental institution yesterday for failed attempt of suicide.

So who cared about the lonesome girl with sad eyes and an affinity for playing the cello? For a girl who didn't stammered for attention. For a girl who listened to Bach and Beethoven and enjoyed writing about optimistic ideals of a life she never knew. For someone who hated the trend but was whirled into the vortex of it. They said she had been depressed since the divorce but they couldn't have guessed how truly bad she was.

Depression? Oh-so-cool, looked how it made Mariah lose some weight. I know what that is, all the Emo kids sing about it in my sleep.
Pre-scribed pills? Nicole Richie said it tasted better than pot (And it's so funny).

Divorce? (I got married just to get the mansion). True Love; I love you now and forever, in sickness and in health, I will never leave you until death do us part (mentally pray for him to die already). Learn your vows correctly it's the role of your career. Convince everyone you are sincere and you would get the Grammy. Have some kids let's do some make-believe. Wait two years (that's what Charlie Sheen declared yesterday that True Love lasts) and cheat on your sweetheart. Sign the papers (we have finally closed the deal).

Eighteen year old thrown into a mental institution yesterday for failed attempt of suicide.

They said she liked Mozart's kinetic piano, Sylvia Plath's poetry & George Orwell's novels (also a little bit of Pat Conroy).

"George Orwell? Is that, like, the new rock star? Is he hot? Can he sing?" The Justin Timberlake's fans all asked. (because the music he does is oh-so great and no one can question the depth of his lyrics). Why read Robert Frost's or T.S. Eliot blabbering when you've got so profound analogies such as "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Harry Potter? Prince of Tides? A Clockwork Orange? Why read the book if you can see the movie.

Literature? What's that? Can someone explain it to the vapid latex-boobed blonde girl? (like, thank you, now I have become so cult).
Do you read? (Only Cosmo's last month magazine). What about books? (Oh I don't have time for that, with all the parties and nighttime clubs I lead a busy life). But I'm planning on writing a new book. Isn't that superfluously wonderfully, astonishingly, delightfully, charmingly, enchantingly, boisterously, raucously, stridently great? giggles (I'm sorry I don't, like, know what those words mean). Great book you'd write there (with three adjectives and two verbs, perhaps too many pronouns and without any paradoxical adverbs because you don't know what that means). Plus just show your boobs for the cover and everyone would buy it (ask Courtney Love about it).

Eighteen year old thrown into a mental institution yesterday for failed attempt of suicide.

They said she really enjoyed artistic movies and painting like Mark Ryden. She admired the impressionists especially Van Gogh and Monet. I've also heard she suffered from anorexia problems but how were they to know?

Artistic Movies? (oh yeah Hilary Duff's new hit!). "Who's Renoir? Oh yeah the crazy guy who cut his ear" Jessica Simpson exclaimed in her new top show Newly-divorced-weds. And everyone laughed because she is oh-so funny.

Anorexia problems? Can I have one of those, the Olsen twins fan's asked for it in the supermarket. Then they bought from the drug store some diuretics. "I ate two of those pills I still don't know what they were for but- excuse me I have to go to the bathroom yet again."

Eighteen year old thrown into a mental institution yesterday for failed attempt of suicide.

They said she was artistic and full of talent. She performed in front of big crowds and with highly recognized orchestras. She had a dog and helped animals on the street. I heard she felt imperfect and hated her reflection, but they wouldn't take away the mirrors.

Imperfect? What's that? The young Madonnas asked to their cheap-illegal surgeon. (I heard he does wonders just look at Pamela Andreson). Erase the wrinkles, stab the eyes, add some Botox to this heart (because plastic hearts are all we need). Please don't forget the collagen in the lips (make me look like Angelina Jolie). (Oh doctor that scalpel left some scars) "we are sorry honey they can't go away"- Laughs- "it's okay now I can look like Tara Reid." It's oh-so funny.

Animal protection? Oh yeah done tons of that. Britney Spears says as she pets K-Fed's head. I'm the animal Number One's Protector. Pamela Anderson declares as she poses nude for Maxim magazine (some of the funds we get for selling this magazine would go to the zoo)-looks away to her agent- "make it lesser than half I'm planning on buying a new house". & I feel like so human, because yesterday I almost bought a fur coat but it was so cruel so instead I just bought the gloves. Lindsay Lohan declared to the paparazzi last night. (Isn't she so good?)

Eighteen year old thrown into a mental institution yesterday for failed attempt of suicide.

They said she was carefree and calmed. I heard she waged a war against herself and tried to destroy everything she was. Her life wasn't the fairest but everyone's got problems, so they are not to blame.

War? I think they had labeled it as "protection against terrorists". We are so sorry but we have to send the kids to fight our battles. Recruit them to the army, they'll become heroes in their coffins. We won't remember their names but say they were so brave (aren't we so generous?) Everything for humanity (and oil). Kill the traitors, violent oppressors, don't worry Sadam Hussein is death (we are saved). George Bush said to the people of America but we didn't fear Sadam any less than we feared him. (Shh don't ever say that again- the media won't allow it- don't you know Big Brother's watching. You can get killed). The lesser corrupted politician whispered in my ear.

Honesty? sorry honey we don't know the meaning of that word (plus is not safe to bring it up). Justice? We know everything about it, just ask Michael Jackson- but wait he took the kids to the park (isn't he so good?) we'd even mention him in the United Nations for that community service. The judges? Oh they seemed to have taken some vacations and instead left some clowns entertaining their audiences. laughs but don't tell anyone.

Eighteen year old thrown into a mental institution died yesterday, she suffered from depression and anorexia.

The news made it to the paper. Everyone read it as you read a test of "how-to-get-the-guy-using-your-goodies". Everyone read but nobody cared. Instead they keep smuggling at their new Armani boots and eating from their synthetic beverage of 'how-to-lose-some-weight-without-doing-anything-at-all', turned the page and wondered who would make it to the tabloids this week.