AN: It's happened to (almost) everyone. A situation where there aren't enough partners to go around, and you are left to dance alone, while everyone else dance in pairs. But are you really dancing alone?


Music class again, and I'm dreading the moment of matching. An uneven number of fifteen isn't a good number when only pairs are needed. And as the teacher claps his hands, I know what's coming.

"It's time for the Virginia Reel! Everyone get a partner!"

Out of habit, I look frantically to the left and to the right, sending pleading glances to all the eyes my own connect with. But to no avail, as all others scurry off to pair with another.

Once again, I am the only one left standing alone. Everyone else was standing with his or her partner, holding hands and facing each other.

"Who doesn't have a partner?" the teacher calls, and I can't help but think he's mocking me, for he knows I am always the one without a partner.

"Oh, Karen, I guess you'll just have to dance with the ghost this time." he chimes, sending me a thoughtful smile. I could have sworn it was a sarcastic smile, but I couldn't tell fully.

"Okay! Line up in two rows, girls to the left, guys to the right." he orders, as I walk to stand beside one of my classmates.

The teacher starts up his stereo system, and the merry country music pours out and over the crowd, causing even the grumpiest person to crack a smile.

I feel like a complete fool, as I reach out and take the hand of someone not really there. But, the feeling's nothing new. I've felt it many times before, so I should be used to it.

But I still bite back tears everytime.

I know who I'm dancing with, I've had the chance to think about often. I'm dancing with my own fear. The fear of being rejected, of being turned down in favor of someone better, of breaking my already cracked heart.

I swear, everytime I'm left by myself on that dancefloor, my heart tears a little bit more.

I grab hold of own emotions, and allow thin air to spin me around.

I just wanted to scream, asking if I just wasn't good enough.

But, perhaps I shouldn't care, and enjoy dancing with myself. Too bad it's not as easy as it sounds.

The lighthearted harmony stops, and I bow to the nonexistant being before me.

I can't help but shed a tear as I walk out the door, and bump into a boy.

"Sorry..." I mumble, as he smiles and replies, "It's okay."

Nodding slightly, I continue, freezing suddenly when he calls "You're a wonderful dancer, by the way. We should dance again sometime."

AN:...XD True, isn't it?