What's my name AGAIN???

I thought I was special…

What happened…

I see that you talk about all your other "girlfriends."

What about me?

My name comes,

Once in a blue moon.


When I see you

You make me feel like the world,

But it seems to me

When you're with the world

I'm nothing, I'm vain.


I see words that relate to me

It's indirect.

I don't see me.

You're friends don't either

I see words that relate to your other girlfriends,

It's direct.

You see their name, even nicknames.

The world knows.


What happened to me?

You're my world

I'm your secret.


Are you ashamed of me?

Did I do something wrong?

Am I that stupid,

And embarrassing?


Well sorry that I can't be perfect.

I can't do everything

You want me to

I can't be like your Chi and Mouse

Whom you admire.


I'm trying my best

For you to be proud

I don't know what's right

Am I even close?


Why are you even with me?

If you aren't proud

Am I a dirty little secret?

'Cause I think it's out.


My world knows about you

And the amazing tricks you do.

Are you ashamed of what you do?

Cause only your mouse knows,

Your brother is clueless.


Scared that the world will know

your soft side?

If not then why not

Mention me here and there?

It looks like I'm no one,

I'm a lone stranger

Knocking on your door

Nothing more.


I would bring this up with you

But then you'd know my thoughts

And try to please me

And force me into your life.


I don't want to force anything

I just thought I meant something

I tried

I guess I failed.