Epilogue: w i n t e r once more

w i n t e r has come again && we've had our g.o.o.d t.i.m.e.s

&& our b a d but still we remained truethroughout time & -)) our love ((-

was so strong that the others e.n.v.i.e.d us while we laughed away our insecurities

& we talked of spending the (-r e s t o f o u r l i v e s-) together and of the future

like how you'll t e a c h me how to cook && how we should open our own

bakery where y o u make the cakes & I'll d.e.c.o.r.a.t.e; we talked of how

no matter what we will -)) a l w a y s ((- be together && after we m.a.r.r.y

in the (-f u t u r e-) & have t.w.o children we will spend forever in

each other's arms && we could n.e.v.e.r bear to be AxPxAxRxT for more

than what was n.e.c.e.s.s.a.r.y. & we thought we were i n v i n c i b l e;

we (-l a u g h e d-) & s.m.i.l.e.d & had more fun than we thought possible

&& now it has been exactly -)) O.N.E Y.E.A.R ((- later today on

Valentine's Day 3 I k.n.o.w we will stay t o g e t h e r forever with

h.a.p.p.i.n.e.s.s throughout all our days because it is not everyday that a

R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P like this one can last for (-a s l o n g a s-) it has

& still be so -))c.o.m.p.l.e.t.e.l.y happy((- with each other that I can only say