The Notebook

Notebooks filled,
With unfinished stories,
Unstarted poems,
Snippets of inspiration,
That tell you all about,
The girl who never knew,
The person she wanted to be.
And as you read,
You realize,
A piece of this girl,
Lives in you and me.
Striving for perfection,
But reality is,
She's a letdown.
She's had her heart broken,
She's broken hearts too,
She's failed countless history tests,
She's slowly been sucked into,
A world of dieting, eating disorders, depression, and suicide.
She hopes for something different,
But always comes to find,
It always ends the same.
So she writes in her notebook,
Filled front to back.
It's the only way she knows,
To show you how she's feeling,
Without truly letting go.