we're such a dirty parlor trick,
your fingernails ragged on my hips,
and my lips on your neck, you are glitter
and mirrored across my face. an acid trip
of sex and secrets, sharpie confessions,
we are tangled up in red ribbons and
lace, your lips are poisonous on my arm
and my skin crawls.

(it's a jagged tip of a blurred line
and my knees are bloody from skidding across it
you are a lie and i am a betrayal and we
fit just right underneath a nightmare before
christmas blanket and some jagermiester)

my name in your mouth, i'm inhaling hard against your shoulder,
and my scream is choked off into your mouth, breathe, you say,
it's ok. it's pitch black and heavy like fairytale.

you shake under my hands.

a/n: I swear to fucking christ, if I can't write soon, I'm going to die from tension.