Disclamer: Lyrics, "Fallen Leaves, Billy Talent"

Please tell me if it's bad or not, I don't care if you say it's horrible, cuz that's what I think, so shoot. I'd rather know what I'm bad at and not bad at instead of trying to find out myself.

Sinking, Falling, Drowning

I've never really liked water, but now I don't know. If anything, it's destroyed my life and changed every aspect of happiness left for me. It's killed, yet it keeps life striving. It destroys, yet keeps things growing. I don't know if this is what I want, but it's what I have.

I've no choice, no say, nothing. Nothing at all to keep me holding on, to keep me here. The one thing that I do have is nothing. What's it like to know that you're doing better than anyone else? To know that we're slowly dying in your shadow, as you watch with grateful eyes.

Now here I am thinking of your pitiful memory as I slowly die. Turning away from the life that you've created for me, for everyone. Everyone that you've known, you've made hell their friend. Hell is nothing but what you've put upon them, what you've created for them and everyone that has been lost, never found.

"Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves on the ground

Run away before you drown or the streets will bring you down"

Falling is the only place I am and ever will be. I am nothing, I have nothing. Here I lay on my watery grave, banging against the concrete ceiling of this prison. I lay dying in this place, my death. I drown in this; I can't fall when I've already hit the bottom. I'd rather be falling, but it's better than knowing, better than living. Slowly sinking into the dark, the light, the death, the life. Slowly sinking into nothing.