Boy that I knew

I remember all the good times

And I remember all the bad

I remember all our childhood

And I remember when you ran

I remember you allowing me

To put barretts up in your hair

And I remember you always being

Honest and truly fair

I remember mortal combat

How we would always play

And how you would let me beat you

To finish out the day

I remember how wrestling

Was a fun and tiring game

Over a silly big-bird pen

I realize now that it was lame

I remember the giant bubble

That you blew back then

But then it popped in your face

I'll never laugh so hard again

I remember that crooked smile

That you always gave

And with that mischeivious, prankish smile

I knew that no one could be saved

But then there came a turning point

When you left me

And it was when our grandma died

A time when I was in need

Of someone to help me understand

I was young then, you know

I had never lived without her

And then YOU decide to go?

I was left with a torn family

Anger between your family and mine

A time of bitter hatred

A time when no one could shine

The cancer had killed more than one

It had killed our families soul

And it left all of us bitter

And all of our hearts stone cold

I had to stay on my feet

So I taught myself to forget

And I knew that I would have to be strong

And over my sorrow not fret

Years later I had healed

From your abandonment

And almost all my anger

Had been pretty much spent

But then I received the news

The you had left again

This time for the last time

You lost a fight you'd never win

Against a twenty two

And a suicidal mind

And I knew that this time

Full healing I wouldn't find

Denial was the first step

How could this be true?

You would never do this

But then, did I really know you?

Then I became angry

At you for leaving me

You didn't even say goodbye!

I loved you, couldn't you see?

Then it was your family

THEY knew you didn't they?

The boy that shared their blood

The boy that in that grave is lain

Then the anger turned

Onto me instead

As I realized if I had talked to you first

Maybe you wouldn't be dead

I cried my bitter teardrops

For the first time in years

Your death had seemed to fester

All of my dorment fears

But I guess it doesn't help

To linger at your grave

Because your life has ended

There is no one left to save

I guess all of my anger

And all my wishing you were here

Cannot bring you back

Cannot soothe my fear

But though our time is over

Because you decided it to be

I can still close my eyes

And I can easily see

The smiling little face

Of a boy without a care

The boy that I once knew

That would take any kind of dare

The boy that I remember

As my family and my friend

The boy that as a Man

His sorrows he couldn't mend

Dedicated to Micheal Loyble...The boy I loved...

The man I will never know...