Catching London

Someone took the weights off

And London began to fall

But I was the only one watching

And no warning could I call

So into the way of the city

My body I heedlessly threw

To stop the city's decent

And I never once thought of you

I thought the weight might crush me

But that I really didn't heed

So I braced my arms above me

And found the strength I'd need

Rough brick towers scraped my hands

But they didn't weigh at all

As much as I'd expected

Of stone buildings made that tall

To my left and right I looked

And to my surprise I found

I was but one of many

Who kept the city off the ground

At my side you smiled

And short of breath, you said,

"I sprinted all the way here

To save your foolish head"

I grinned back and realized then

That to have died right there

It would have been a loss to me

Having never known you cared