The Emotional Flower

I rise with the morning sun and fall with the iridescent moonlight.

Thick with the morning dew I bathe away all my sorrows and pain.

Always with a bright sun shiny smile upon my face to fool even the dimmest

of passerby's.

I spread my arms and stand up straight for all to see, though on the inside I'm withering away.

The sun feels good on my body, warming my cold soul with its intense rays. Mr. Bumble bee is coming near, his buzzing makes me shiver.

Like a statue I stand still as he drinks me up.

I see an old man strut by. How lucky he is to be free. Free of my eternal binding to this Earth. I feel my body fall as unbearable pain surges through me as the old man carelessly crushes my poor lean body. I lay in my sad state as my petals have crumbled and my stem broken. I close my eyes and await my fate as the bugs come. I feel myself being eaten slowly away by measly stray as I bathe in what might be my last moon.

Alas I have withered away inside and out and the beauty I had brought gone. But as soon as I fly away in the wind to a far off land my seeds take flight and begin their own journey as a flower.