whisper—soft giggle—unseen hands—
eyes locked like no one else exists (I never do when she's around)
are you doing this on purpose, I know you know I'm right here
and I feel like I'm about to explode into a million pieces
(maybe a shard will stab herright through the heart
and she'll know how I feel
but more importantly she'llstop.touching.you)
my eyes are swimming and I can't concentrate on anything else
I get that you didn't care when you stabbed me right in the heart
but stop twisting the dagger around, god please
her kisses her (I squeeze my eyes shut) and their hands slide down down (I can feel my breathing speeding up)
my blood is pounding in my head pounding pounding pounding


my chair screeches back and hits the wall
I stumble from the room in the most dignified way
before I burst into flames outside the door,
and leave the hallways coated in the ashes of all this jealousy