Oh Hollywood hello, I still remember

chewing champagne glasses like ice

and watching blood from our tongues

running 'tween our lips, our teeth

pearls in the mouth of glory, of beauty

of fantasy and fame.

I still recall a twirl upon a stage

carpeted with roses; dressed in silver

and faux fur stoles we blew cupid kisses

at the masses. I remember how we

clinked long-stemmed cups of sparkling

drinks and chortled at the false adoration,

lighting cigarettes in ivory holders and our lipstick

bled through the napkins when we blotted the alcohol

from our lips.

I step upon a stage of auld and where roses

once bent and broke now are creaking floorboards

and sweat stains. In the cracked mirrors

in the wings

(I remember fixing makeup,

dusting alabaster powder on cheeks

glistening with sweat,

sweeping rouge to temples

melting from the bright lights)

my body reflects back, and my eyes

are haunted, they are dark, and the crow's feet

are deep and each muscle in my

face is sagging, framed by hair dyed

platinum and obnoxious. This body this meat

is hardened and bitter, fragility lost

as the mascara'd men with painted faces

took my place, tinkling piano and Monroe

shoved aside to make way for

distorted guitar and Manson.

Oh Hollywood hello, your corruption

has always stank like shit but these ersatz stars

cannot light up your marquee like I could.