silent love

and as he laid there contently

his head comfortably in her lap

as her fingers gently brushed against him

peacefully—silently; save for the music

blaring distinctly in the background

and as their body warmth radiated into the other

he never knew how her heart ached with profound love

nor did he see the tender look upon her face

as she gazed down at him with a soft smile

and she thought to herself that she wouldn't mind

staying that way forever—just the two of them

and while they both wondered just where

their friends had gone so suddenly; neither of them

felt the urgency to move—to part;

and when he said that she probably didn't want him

laying on her the way he was; he still didn't move

not that she wanted him to for she replied softly

that she doesn't mind and both gently smiled

and as she continued to gaze at him with a love

so deep; so true—that she knows no other

can ever make her feel this way; utterly complete—

it dawns upon her that without his love;

without him by her side forever; should she ever lose him

somehow and for whatever reason—she would die

but thoughts such as those should not be expressed

and they were not; for she stashed it away in her heart

so it persisted still; the relaxed yet silent love

expressed between the two at that very moment in time

and they both knew no words needed to be voiced

for the loving actions between them spoke in volumes