Note: Now, I know that many think that since this story involves kirbies, this story should be on the fanfiction site instead of here. But let me tell you this: Despite the race of creatures called "kirbies", this has no reference whatsoever to Kirby and/or the other characters of that universe. I have in fact, created this world during second grade. There is a race of kirbies in it because I drew the storylines out, and Kirby was far easier to draw than humans at the time. The storyline grew on some friends and me and we created a full-fledged universe.

The Complete History of Kirth

The Beginning and the Kirbian Race

The Kirbian universe is a vast and mysterious place. There are many unexplained mysteries in this universe. Some believe that ancient beings called the Farseers shaped the worlds one by one. Others believe that God controlled the universe, speaking through the servant The Sender. Whatever the reason, strange events happened, and the gears of time stared churning. New races were born and planets were inhabited.

Eons ago, there was a great warrior called Kirby, and he fought for ages alongside ancient heroes against the dark evils of the Outer Universe. He seemed unstoppable, until one fateful day.

Kirby was on the planet Upolopula, apparently minding his own business, when one of the corrupt demons, Dark Anvelicus, ambushed him and killed him. Dark was a rogue demon, which meant that the Demon Underworld exiled him for past actions. Demons are usually flaming wrecks of bones with cloaks to keep them together. A clan of Demons, however, had the ability to morph into Kirby's form. They will later use this ability to merge with the unsuspecting Kirbian race. Anyway, Dark ambushed Kirby and killed him. To further humiliate the spirit of Kirby, Dark spread Kirby's remains throughout the world. Satisfied with his work, Dark returned to the realm of the Demons.

Over time, Kirby's remains grew into a whole race of kirbies. The early kirbies renamed Upolopula to Kirth and started venturing far and wide. The Demons saw this threat and sent three of their best Agents to terminate the kirbies. The Agents were Dark, Ace Kaliya, and Corinthus. The three Agents met incredible resistance from the kirbies. They decided to kill the leader of the resistance, whose name was Waku. A rag tag army of settlers heavily defended Waku, and the Demons had to send forth their own army forward. Waku escaped after a heavy battle and sealed the Demon Rift shut. Dark, Ace, and Corinthus were trapped on Kirth.

Ace Kaliya and his Resentment

Ace Kaliya was a highly respected Demon who destroyed such heroes such as Darwin, Hugh Bentley, and Kirby's brother Kobe. He rose up the ranks to become one of the Demonlord's right hand men. Ace was the one who engineered the purge of the Steel Lizards and the destruction of the Nova Pegasus system. He was considered invincible. Therefore, when the Demons were searching for someone who could destroy the Kirbian race, Ace was called upon. Unfortunately, Ace usually worked alone, and he could not bear working with two other Demons. As a result, Ace performed to the highest degree of mediocrity, and nearly got all three of them killed. Ace and Dark has held personal grudges against each other since.

The Trapped Demons

After Waku sealed the portal shut, Corinthus flew into madness, and was taken down by Kirbian farmers. Ace and Dark hated each other so much; they tried to get the Kirbians to kill the other. However, these attempts failed, and the two Demons roamed aimlessly for a very time.

Finally, 26 years after Dark defeated Kirby, An angry mob killed a nearly powerless Dark Dark Anvelicus, after 26 years of wandering torture, was put to rest.

Next Chapter:
The births of Wabbaku and Triche and the impact they had on the developing nations of Kirth. Also, how did Dark come back from the dead? Why did Dark come back from the dead?