After peace lay its blanket around Kirth, the inhabitants began to adjust to their new lives. Four nations were created: Adalinen, White City, Silver Sky, and Canoro.

The most prominent of the four nations was White City, as the locals there quickly learned advanced techniques such as marble sculpting and architecture. While the other nations were loosely controlled and barbarians roamed free, White City became known for its grasslands and lush hills. In the center of White City was the White Pillar, a massive towering marble structure that dominated the skyline. White City was definitely a wonder in it's day, and many mortals worshipped at the White Pillar, proclaiming it the "Pin that holds our World in place". The new king of White City, King Aefus, had dominated the White City clan. He would be the first ruler of the wonderful nation.

Wabbaku and Triche

Wabbaku was born five years after the death of Dark Anvelicus to Wakku and Masaria Suza. Early in his life, his parents discovered that he had the unique ability to communicate with the ethereal and fuse the real with the surreal. However, because of his ability, Wabbaku was therefore considered an outcast to his fellow countrymen and shunned. He was also tried as a demonic shaman when he was just twelve years-old.

The people believed that Wabbaku had his amazing gift because he was born when the stars were all aligned. They all condemned him as "not pure" and beat on him mercilessly. Wabbaku had a hard childhood growing up.

What the people didn't know was that Wabbaku had a brother, born secretly the day after. The brother's name was Triche. Triche was the exact opposite of Wabbaku. While Wabbaku grew up to be a kind, loving individual, Triche was sinister and cunning, always thinking of some way to manipulate others. Triche's first decision was isolating himself from Wabbaku at the age of 16. Triche didn't want to be labeled an outcast like his brother. He then began building his underground reputation as a celebrated bowman and blademaster, lying in wait.

King Aefus and Corruption

King Aefus ruled White city in, what some would say, an ancient dictatorship. Aefus created the first set of written rules and called for a "policing force", the first on Kirth. Fifteen years into his rule, he began assassinating anybody who threatened his rule. Those who died included Fenegor, Raquel Armando and Beazquiz.

Aefus wasn't completely ruthless. True, he had more than fifteen wives and forty children, but he also had his share of accomplishments. Aefus created the first library system and the first writing system. He called for a common language throughout White City, and created the first monarchy of the world.

Thirty years into his rule, Aefus began to take a more disturbing path. He was afraid someone was going to kill him and take his throne, therefore he began organizing massacres of anybody who he felt was "guilty". People soon lived in fear.

The Revolt

Wabbaku and Triche were twenty-five years old by then. Triche had become the leader of the Darkfire clan, a clan that lived within White City. Wabbaku had become a wanderer, communing with nature and helping people solve their problems. Triche decided that he had enough of Aefus, and organized a revolt that led all the way to the White Pillar, where King Aefus ruled. There, Triche assassinated Aefus by firing a flaming arrow at a range of five hundred yards. The veil that clouded White City was lifted, and the citizens rejoiced. Triche proclaimed himself the new King of White City, and promised to restore the former glory of the decaying nation.

When Wabbaku heard the news, he was split. He knew what Triche did was right, but the way he did it was wrong. The brothers had already drifted apart, and Wabbaku was actually afraid of his brother more than anything else. Wabbaku travelled from the Fringelands all the way back to White City in order to watch his brother take the throne.

Unbeknownst to him, Dark was somehow brought back to life, and soon roamed around the world searching for his killer, tormented.

Dark killed Wakku, the father of Wabbaku and Triche, eight days into Triche's rule.

Wabbaku was hit hard. He spent about a week in a hospice tavern, trying to cope with the loss. Triche, seemingly oblivious to the death of his father, continued his work of flushing the barbarians out of
White City. When Wabbaku recovered, he decided that the evil was growing too much for him. He began travelling again, this time fighting evil in the outskirts of White City.

Dark decided that killing Wakku was not enough, and that he had to kill his sons as well. Dark soon set about on the task of finding and eliminating Wabbaku and Triche.

Wabbaku was meditating under a waterfall on a clear day in the Forest of Memories when Dark striked. Dark summoned his dark powers, using the Seal of Chaos to pull in energy from the Chaos Dimension. However, Wabbaku was smarter, calling in the light of good. Wabbaku killed Dark.

Before Dark died, he made a deal with Triche. One that could change the world's fate forever…

Coming Up: Triche almost kills Wabbaku. Dark is reborned again. Jamura cradles Kirth in her loving arms, and gives Wabbaku the ultimate weapon.