The noise is too much. Lights are too bright. I've got to get out of this place, this dance, this dress, it's all too much for me.

Too much. All of it.

I escape by pushing my way to the door and running frantically to the car. It is only a few minutes before I am home, in the safety of the wooden floors, of the warmth of the fireplace downstairs. I flee to my bedroom and then-

I don't hear anything. I can't hear anything, not the tick tick tick of my clock, not Bach playing on my favorite classical music station. All I seem to be aware of is this need to cleanse myself, to get rid of all the lights and the noise and the dancing, the world was spinning-

-and I wake up in the morning to hear one thing: clink…clink…clink. My caged heart was gently, ever so gently, falling to pieces.