Hello everyone! This is my third story that I am putting up:) It's your average, everyday story about two guys who apparently... end up falling for one another.

An interesting fact about this story: All of Colby's friends (the four girls) are based on me and my friends. Like everything. Yeah. Just thought you might find that funny. xD

There is language in this story (though not too much in this first chapter) and I'm not sure about other content ratings yet. I'm struggling with that decision. xD; Lol...

Well Please read and enjoy, and I would love comments to tell me if its any good! Cause... If it sucks I probably won't continue it. So thanks and I hope you like!

Chapter 1

"As you all know, the dress code can be found in your student handbook on page twenty-three. There is a new discipline policy in force for both that and tardies, of which I think will do to lessen the persistent inconsistencies we have been seeing over the past few years," Principal Calvin informed the 700 odd students sitting before him in the gym. "We have also acquired the help of a new security system that involves both cameras and alarms, so I would be wary of skipping classes if I were you."

The lecture continued for what seemed like forever, leaving the student's attention wandering. Once they were finished with the short movie of how many guns one could hide in their clothing (which was a surprising amount) and the dangers of such things, they were left to be ordered into their homerooms. Freshman, sophomores, and then juniors were called forcing the silent girl with a bass guitar purse and waist length light brown hair to stand with a sigh as she left her friends who were seniors.

"Don't worry Savvy!" yelled the four she left behind. "We'll see you on the other side!" Once she had disappeared through the doors that led to the rest of their school, the group turned their attention back to the principal who once again stood.

"I would like to speak to this years Senior's for a minute please," the scant audience of some 100 odd kids groaned. "I know you're ready to get your half-day over with, but bare with me. I'm sure you will be getting many lectures from you teachers about the infamous 'Senioritis' that strikes every year, but I would like to give a word of encouragement…"

"Just let us go," groaned a girl clad in black baggy pants and an equally black AFI t-shirt with the lyrics to 'Miss Murder' written in white. Her straight chin length red and brown hair covered gauged ears as well as framed light green eyes. Her nails were black as her wrists were adorned with various bands and bracelets, her neck similarly clad in a spider-man chain necklace. "It's already early enough."

"God Laura," joked the pretty curly haired girl next to her. Her clothes were somewhat the opposite; her thin frame covered in green army style pants topped with an undershirt covered with alligators, which was under a simple navy blue v-neck.

"God Jessica," taunted the first girl. "God Principal Calvin!" she said a bit louder.

"You're gonna get in trouble and it's not even a real school day," the only boy sitting in their mists laughed. His thin yet toned body was covered in simple dark baggy jeans that sported a few chains and a HIM belt. His dark shirt held nothing but the triforce from Legend of Zelda as one wrist sported a watch. His clean-shaven and good-looking face was topped with short dark brown hair that was spiked forward at the front, staying clear of his light gray blue eyes.

"Yeah," agreed Jessica. "Try to stay out of lunch detention the first few days so we can claim our table."

"I have never gotten lunch detention thank you very much!" argued Laura.

"This'll be our last year to claim a lunch table," muttered the last girl with brown hair pulled back in a low ponytail. Her hazel eyes were framed in thin-wired glasses, her ears pierced with simple blue gems. Her clothes were plain and hardly thought out- dark jeans with a black 'anime freak' shirt. A large brown and purple watch covered one wrist as the other was wrapped in a piano wristband.

"Stop being so depressing Elizabeth!" cried Jessica.

"Sorry," the girl yawned. "They're about to call homerooms. I'll be last to go again."

"You are so moody," teased Laura as her name was called. "Damn I got Coleman. What does she even teach?"

Jessica stood, expecting her name at any moment, "That means I got Coleman too, but her room is the computer lab so we won't be bored." She followed the other girl.

"Looks like I got Seňor Cruz," Colby observed as they got close to his name. "Have fun with the pops," he teased, using their name for the popular crowd.

"Why must I be stuck with such infidel every year?" she moaned dramatically, waving nonetheless.

Colby laughed as he made his way to follow Seňor Cruz to his room in the next wing on the second floor. Seemed their homeroom was the same as it was every year: most of the druggies, a few pop wannabes, the occasional jock, and a few who fell into the miscellaneous category. When they entered the Spanish room, Colby took a seat off to the side not too near anyone.

The promised lectures about various policies and whatnot continued as handbooks and other pamphlets were passed out. Once fees and lockers and locks were out of the way, he sat quietly, listening to the stupid chatter of the girls across from him. Finally it came to the schedules.

Colby viewed over his with slight disdain. He had wanted to take some of the higher classes, but he didn't want to be at school the whole day. He looked it over again:

Biology II - Mrs. Barr

Office worker

Spanish III – Seňor Cruz

Calculus – Prof. Durnkin

English IV – Mrs. K


Chemistry II – Mrs. Love

Yearbook – Mrs. Gumart

After thinking, he decided maybe he could drop Biology II and office worker and not come in till third hour. But he probably needed the extra science on his applications later that year. Oh well, he would think about it later. Now he waited impatiently for the bell to ring so he could find the girls and match schedules with them.

When the annoying sound finally passed, he headed straight to the door and into the blue and gray hallway. He couldn't spot any of the girls, so he went in search for his locker instead. It seemed he had been able to get the one on the very end next to the elevator. The elbowroom would be nice.

"Colby!" called Jessica as she ran up. "Fork it over," she ordered, offering her own schedule. "Have you seen the others?"

"Nope," he answered as he viewed her paper. "Looks like we got Bio II in the morning together."

"Yes! A decent lab partner finally," she handed his back. "And Chemistry II and Yearbook."

"There y'all are," approached Laura with SaVanna in tow. "They completely separated the juniors and seniors this year! All I have with Savvy is Yearbook cause it's a general class and Advanced Math because she's ahead one year in math!"

Jessica and Colby took turns looking at their schedules, offering their own in return. "Well at least we don't have no classes with you," Jessica tried to lighten the situation.

"I guess. I hate the people in my grade," SaVanna growled. "Where's Elizabeth?"

"Here," claimed the missing party of their posse walking slowly. "Do you know how many illegal things went on this summer?"

"What?" Laura asked.

"She's got homeroom with most of the pops, remember?" Jessica offered.

"Oh… ew."

After a quick overlook, Colby found he had Spanish III, Calculus, and yearbook with the last member. The bell rang, causing the party to split as Colby and Jessica ran full force to get into the Biology room before the door closed. Once safely inside, they received the syllabus for the class and waited for ten minutes for the bell to ring again. Since it was only a half-day, they would spend ten to fifteen minutes in each class to receive information and other things.

At the sound of the bell, Colby went and sat in the office for the next fifteen minutes. Then he headed for Spanish III where he found Elizabeth sitting by herself on the back row. "Hola mi amiga," he chimed.

"Hey," she smiled, apparently more awake than she had been earlier. Her very anti-morning personality was a running joke amongst their group. Her eyes diverted to something behind him, "Are they in Spanish III?" she asked quietly.

Colby turned to see probably the three most popular senior guys enter the classroom. Ken Alben, a very apparent player, Carl Seymin, the calm and quiet hottie, and Markus Conwell, football captain and object of almost every girl in school's desire. Colby turned to look back at Elizabeth with a shrug.

Seňor Cruz appeared at the front of the classroom and explained the situation that many were already wondering, "I see that you all notice there are only about," he stopped to count, "nine of you. Five of you are my Spanish III students, and the other four are Spanish II students who could not take another class or were doing well enough to be in here as an 'honor'." Colby and Elizabeth merely looked at each other before turning their attention back to the teacher.

"As such, you will have a semester-long project with a partner. I want to pair one Spanish III with each Spanish II student. I will assign you, and give you the assignments tomorrow. I figured I should warn you so you could be prepared. Otherwise," he continued to go on what they would be covering throughout the year. Colby listened and watched while Elizabeth actually bothered to take notes.

When the bell rang Colby merely asked, "Ready for Calculus?"

"Sure," sighed his friend as they marched downstairs to find Professor Durnkin's room. They sat off to the far side of the class again, talking to each other about some new video game. Durnkin actually appeared right before the bell rang to tell them to bring paper and pencil the next day, for they would be working! Colby parted with Elizabeth to head for English IV where he met Jessica and Laura. The three of them were not happy to find the amount of heavy literature they would be reading and discussing.

Afterwards Colby headed to Chemistry with Jessica in tow as the found seats in the back of the room. Elizabeth reappeared to sit with them, telling Jessica about something or other. The two of them had been best friends longer than their group had been around, so they had some sort of special 'best friend' bond. Colby didn't really mind, he thought it was good thing.

After grumbling over the promises that Chemistry II held for them, they went for Yearbook to meet up with Laura and Savvy. When they were finally free, they all headed towards the parking lot.

"You know what sounds great?" Elizabeth mused.

"Wafflehouse," Jessica answered.

"Exactly," Colby agreed with a smile. "Meet you all there in five."

When they had all gathered at their small town's only real restaurant and settled in the corner they had claimed, they each took turns ranting about something in their schedules.

"I cannot believe how childish they are!" SaVanna held her forehead in her hands. "I swear I almost killed John Parsley when he tore my Hiei keychain!"

"That bastard," Laura muttered, although she wasn't an anime fan like the rest of them. She would watch something every now and then, but she never got 'obsessed like they were'. "I'm getting sick of that Corbin whats-his-face asking me why I like AFI. Is it so wrong? No. And I am NOT gothic!"

Colby was digging through his pockets, "I think Will stole my pen…"

"You want to eat a wombat?" Laura asked.

Everyone was silent for a moment. "What?" Colby asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You said you wanted to eat a wombat!"

"I said I think Will stole my pen!"

"Well," Jessica said through her laughter, "That's another Laura-ism to add to the pot."

"I wonder who we'll get stuck with for that project in Spanish, and what we have to do," Elizabeth mused through her chocolate milk. Once she and Colby had explained what little details they knew about the problem to the others, the three girls hissed in sympathy. "The thing is, three of the Spanish II kids are Markus, Carl, and Ken. I'm not sure who the fourth is."

"Matt," Colby supplied.

"I hope I get Matt," she grumbled, naming the quiet emo kid of their class.

Everyone's food arrived and they dug in happily. Once they were through, ideas to head out and do something were discussed. Nothing seemed to appeal to them, so instead they headed to Colby's house. They filed through the front door to find his little sister Meggy at the computer. "Hey guys!"

"Hey Meggy," they all said at once.

"So what do you guys want to do?" Colby fell onto the couch.

"DDR tournament!" Elizabeth cried.

"Yeah!" agreed SaVanna.

Colby fetched his PS2 and DDR pads along with the many games he had collected over the years. They took turns, playing through the three stages and against each other. It finally came to the traditional try at the Maxx Unlimited level. Colby fell out halfway through.

"You need more stamina!" Elizabeth poked him with a foot. "Sensei would be disgusted."

"I know," he panted from the floor. The two of them took karate classes twice a week, and were always trying to get the others to join them.

"Let's watch a movie," Laura mused as she poured over Colby's dad's extensive movie collection. After some debate they finally decided on Air Force One. They were so into the movie they didn't hear Colby's dad come in silently. The tall man with somewhat long hair pulled into a short ponytail snuck slowly behind the couch. When the guns went off, he grabbed Laura's shoulders as he yelled.

After everyone had a good laugh (Laura's spasticness was a continuous joke as well) they greeted Mr. Larry happily and returned to their movie. Some hours later it ended, and the girls headed home with promises for the next day.

"So how was the first day?" Larry asked as he began making dinner.

"Fine," Colby began setting out plates and glasses on the table. "Apparently I've got a big Spanish III project, and I'm going to have a partner."


"No. Fun maybe if I could partner with Elizabeth, the only other sensible person in there save Matt maybe. But since the probability that I'll be partnered with a pop is pretty high then… No. No fun."

"Maybe it won't be so bad," Larry began chopping some onions. "You never know a person until you get to know them."

Colby humphed and walked back to his room with his PS2 in tow to play some Tekken before dinner. He should probably go out and get the supplies he would need… but he could do that tonight.


"When I call your name come up and get your text book," Mrs. Barr said loudly as she sat behind her lab table to shovel out books to everyone. Jessica was telling Colby about something her parents had said the night before when her name was called. Once she had retrieved her book, Colby told her about his plans to drop Bio II and Office so he could come in third hour. The threat she promised if he actually left her alone in that class was enough to change his mind.

The office work in his second class was boring as hell. He wanted to do something, even though he had already finished his Biology homework. What kind of teacher gave homework on the first day? He was thankful when the bell rang for Spanish, even though he wasn't looking forward to proceedings it promised.

When everyone was settled Seňor Cruz began to hand out sheets as he explained the details of the project. "You and your partner will choose one Spanish country from each of the areas I have indicated: South America, Central America, and Europe. Actually, since we will only be focusing on Spain in Europe I will divide that country between each group and tell you what aspect I want you to research."

On other matters, with the countries that you choose you will conduct and extensive amount of research about everything. Culture, language, government, agriculture, wars, EVERYTHING. The specifics are in the handout if there are any questions. As for the rulers, I will only require the past ten rulers with a one-page biography on each. I expect good work on this children!"

"But this is practically impossible!" the blonde Ken argued.

"As for the pairings," Cruz continued if the boy had not even spoken, "I will give those out now. Since our Spanish III students outnumber our Spanish II, I have chosen one student who will have the choice of either working alone or joining another group as a third party. If they choose to make a party of three, I will increase the amount of information required to even it out."

And the Spanish III student I have chosen is…" he looked at the paper he held. Colby held his breath; half hoping it would be him. "… Elizabeth."

"What?!" she shrieked next to him.

"I thought that since you seem to be the only girl in the class you would like to have the ability to choose who, if anyone, you will be working with since this project will require meetings out of class."

"Only girl?" Elizabeth surveyed everyone in the classroom. "How the hell did… er… I mean… How did that happen?"

"Favoritism of sexes," Ken taunted from across the room.

"Say that again blondie," she growled. Colby held her back. It seemed she wasn't fully awake yet today, and was in a particularly testy mood.

Cruz continued with pairings, "Caleb with Carl, Darrin with Ken, Colby with Markus, and Steven with Matt."

Colby had to keep himself from groaning out loud when he heard Markus's name. He was so close to have gotten Matt! That would have been better at least…

"Everyone get with your partners and discuss what you would like to do as you look over the direction packet. Elizabeth, if you would please come speak with me at my desk."

Colby stayed where he was as Markus walked over. The tall boy stood there for a moment until Colby looked up at him. "Hey," Colby grunted.

Markus sat, "So what are we doing?"

Colby twitched. Had the guy not been listening at all? "The project."

"I meant what countries. We could each choose one?"

Colby sat up straighter, deciding that it would probably be a good thing to try and be amiable. "Sure. Sounds like a good idea. Which would you want to do?"

Markus shrugged, tossing his hair out of his eyes. "Paraguay sounds interesting."

"Ok so Paraguay and Panama?"

Markus stared at him, "Whatever man. It's your project."

Colby glared at the football player. His project? He wasn't going to do this whole thing alone. About to say something, the bell stopped him. Where had the time gone? Elizabeth walked up to him as she picked up her bag.

"You wanna work with us?" he asked her.

"Sorry. I'm gonna work alone," she said sadly. "I don't want to give you more work."

"I really wouldn't mind," he asked again.

"No it's ok. I'll tell you in Calculus, come on. We'll be late."

"As long as we're there before Durnkin I don't think it matters."