you know

the sky is wide

but you don't know

why is there a sky

even though we stand

under the same sky

we don't share

the same reason to be.

you can imagine a future

where happiness welcome you

but lifetime's too short

to stay dreaming of a uncertain way.

there must still be the dream

that you drew in your paper heart

in the forest of your soul

there must still the colors

painting a rainbow to lead you.

algebra and grammar

biology and geography

it seems you know everything

but you ignore the number

of beats in your heart

when you're smiling

and there aren't words

to express yourself

the sense of your existence

is just a little point

in the biggest map of living.

you know

the sea is deep

but you don't know

about the hidden treasure

if one teardrop of yours

was a precious jewel

it would be a cheap price to

pay to watch the sunlight.

angels are from darkness

kept in our thoughts

I'm still here

hoping to be forgiven someday.

hold your promises

for yourself

I think the meaning of being alive

is just breathing until

oxygen fails.