He was always alone even in a crowd, especially in a crowd. Life was always like this, and She walked by, He was wearing Tragedy when She walked by.

And upon Her passing, he felt a sudden pang of lust, a lust not perverse, but of wanting to know her. And he felt very small, and it was funny in how just a moment on stage one can begin to want something so bad.

She was plain looking enough, but the charming ones always were. She had porcelain skin, and a very feminine aura, but held a statuesque composer of command that demanded fear? Recognition? She was something marvelous an enigma that kills you to know.

He felt that he wanted her, but how could something so divine be doing something so mundane on the stage, it didn't make any sense. He also felt ashamed, lustful, honored to see divinity such as her performing the tasks of an average person.

He had always considered himself a star of the stage, but she was so above him. So how to get her?

He switched from Tragedy to Comedy, and felt a great magnitude about him. He felt that there was no point in staying in Tragedy for He knew that most things ended as they began, and so it was best not to set up fro a tragic ending. Tragedy will eat your heart.

He approached her, why should he be nervous? He was in a happier more charming fa├žade now, irresistible, how could he not be?

Yet She did not notice Him, and she continued on. By the time she reached the other end of the stage she had been taken. And He looked down at the audience, and at the violation of his art. Perverting, twisting, and He was filled with so much Rage who emptied him out, and filled him in with itself.

"The Show must go on They whispered."

And Depression began to crack his skull, yes, and Break Down took His hand leaving the other hand for Him to bury His face in.

Ashamed by the pursuit of her divinity, it was all over.

Even the Neutral Parties laughed at him, and he tossed off Comedy.

All things began, and ended the same way, chaos to order, but his Tragedy was comedic, and the circle continued.

Comedy hit the ground and shattered.

And the fools around him called him a 'Bleeding-heart crybaby."

It always ended like this.

Goddamn motherfuckers.