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She held them. Her soft hands stroked their surface, gliding upon the fragile veins. She comforted them, or perhaps it was them that comforted her. The girl was shivering uncontrollably. "No," she whispered. "No." The woman walked up to her, far away in an old memory. A smile accompanied the words. "Do you want to be my child for a while, dear?" My children are away, you see." She tried to remember where her mother was. She remembered. The thought was taken away immediately from the girl's mind as quietly as it had come. A fear rolled down her face.

A flash of lighting. The girl remembered now. She was at a party. Her toes were sore. The shoes were too small for her. Looking around, she realized the party was overt. All over. She went to each table, picked up the petals. She held them. They held her. Either way, something was being held, and something was holding. Both were at peace. Was that the important part?

She held the petals in her hand, and closed her eyes. Walking up to the woman, she said quietly, "Offer still up?" The woman reached out for the child. Murmuring softly, the woman gathered the girl in her arms. "What do you have in your hand?"

"Mama. I have Mama." Nodding quietly, woman held her. She cried.