Just for a Day

To be someone else,

Just for a day.

A new identity,

A new perspective,

New possibilities,


A flower, with dew,

Dripping on me like

I'm washing things away,

And letting the sun

Strengthen me,

For a new day.

An eagle, so noble,

Flying over habitat lost.

Not judging,

Seeing everything,

In new eyes,

And accepting.

A fox, while sly,

It does not do him justice.

For so intelligent,

No one cares for him.

But carry on the day,

Strong and sure.

A friend, loving,

Pulling through others,

Instead of themselves.

And then finding time,

To do nothing at all,

But wait.

Someone else,

Only a day.

See things through us –

Mistakes, triumphs –

And see everything,

In a new light.