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Just Catch Me

Chapter One

So This Is My life.

X.x. Syeira x.X: Ello! I just plugged in my computer.

Love.Me.LL: Hey. It's been too long.

X.x. Syeira x.X:) FAR too long. I just unpacked all my boxes – ECKK, my hands are bruised from all the tape ripping.

Love.Me.LL: Must suck. How's your new neighborhood?

X.x Syeira x.X: I hate it. My house shall also witness my hate. I saw my new school. I hate that too. I wanna come back. I miss you guys.

Love.Me.LL: Aw, well we all miss you too! Listen, Bridget's having a party. So I'm off!

X.x Syeira x.X: Huh?Bridget's having a party?

Love.Me.LL: Yeah.

X.x Syeira x.X: She didn't invite me:(

Love.Me.LL: LoL, Syeira, you live two hours away now. K. Well. Bye!

Love.Me.LL logged off at 9:32 pm.

Syeira clicked the 'x' on the chatting box and sat back on her chair, her mood plummeting further down in oblivion than usual. Ok – so her life had never been worse. She'd moved two hours away from a house she'd titled home for sixteen years. She'd found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her (and they'd only gone out for two weeks), her parents had never misunderstood her more, and to lather on vanilla ice cream on the cake; her friends had scratched her name off their list of priorities.

And she'd been thrown in a completely new school to fend for herself. It was inhumanely vile, utterly wrong, and insanely cruel for her parents to move just before Grade Eleven – the epidemical year of a teen's social life. What she supposed to do? Pretend to fit in with a crowd that was probably close-knit and tight by now? She wasn't insane. She got off her rolley chair and flopped down on her mattress (the rents hadn't bought her a bed yet).

Ted stared back at her, with whatever quarter of a button that was still sewed onto its fluffy head. She poked the bear. "I think I'll turn all emo. You think the look will suit me?" But then again, she was never good with knives. She'd probably scare herself to death before bringing a blade even near her wrist. "Dammit. I'm actually nervous about tomorrow."

New school. New people. She was so bad at socializing; she didn't have a flicker of hope she'd survive tomorrow without embarrassing herself someway or another. Her guesses were she'd fall down the stairs, or accidentally call the school's most popular jock a man-slut or something.

Okay. Whatever. She wasn't going to mope. If her older friends had shut her out of their lives so easily, she could do the same.

She was mid-way through rampaging through her room looking for a 'I've got fashion sense' outfit when she felt her spirits plummet again. Who was she kidding? Bridget had always picked out her 'first day of school' outfits, and she was a mess without her buds.

"Argh!" She was doing it again. She was going to get through tomorrow and come home smiling like a maniac no matter what.

Her mother popped her head into the bedroom, "Sweetie, head to bed soon."

Had her mother lost her mind? "It's nine-thirty."

"I know, but tomorrow's a big day for you. You should get your rest."

How was her mother still smiling? Oh, that's right. Her mother had friends in this city unlike her daughter who had to start her life all over again. "Whatever, mom."

Her mother frowned, "Are you still upset?"

Syeira shrugged, not able to say yes since she knew that the move was a big thing for her parents. Instead, she turned her back on her mom and began to pick up the boxes that still lay around the room, "I'll be fine."

"Okay then. One thing though, this might cheer you up. I met some really nice people in the community and they invited us for dinner after tomorrow. They have children your age, how does that sound?"

Terrifying. On the other hand, she spoke dryly, "Sounds fun, mom."

"Well, I'll drive you to school tomorrow morning. Be up by seven."


'Locker 87'

Combination: 50, 12, 42.

She pulled.

Aw, shit.

Syeira took a deep breath, 'It's okay. Lockers always take two tries.' Looking around the halls to make sure no one was looking, she set her jaw and turned the dial to try the combination again.

It was worse than she thought. Absolutely everyone seemed to stand in some sort of group, and even if she was being overly paranoid – she felt like the lonely chicken amongst the hordes of reindeer – if that made any sense.

'Focus. Syeira. Do everything like you planned. Go to locker. Go to Classes. Locker. Classes. Home.'

Locking the dial on 42, she pulled again and almost had a heart attack.

Okay. So it wasn't opening. She was going to be late for class therefore everyone would stare at her when she walked in and gape at her and her loneliness, and that was if she found the goddamn class; the school was so goddamn big that it had two elevators. Not ONE – but two.

"SHIT. Watch Out!"

Syeira looked up to see some guy pushed towards her, his chest ramming against her small frame and crushing her against her locker.

Letting out a strangled scream, she momentarily choked on thin air as the breath from her lungs was squeezed out from sheer force. "What the -."

The guy on her laughed and pushed himself off, "Sorry babe, Jason's an ass as usual."

Syeira looked up to see 'Jason' walk towards them, his blonde hair all mussed with gel and his red shirt fusing (if clothes could fuse, his shirt was fusing) with his jeans. He grinned at her, and her heart immediately began to pump. His eyes were crinkled in a laugh and he was obviously having trouble controlling his laughter, "It's my fault. I didn't see you and I pushed him to the locker."

The guy who'd crashed into her picked up the bag he'd dropped and walked back to his friend, who'd only walked closer to her.

Crap. Crap. Crap. These were the kinds of guys she was supposed to stay away from.

He screamed out POPULAR – and popular people didn't get along with her well. She didn't talk to them and they didn't talk to her. It was the cycle of life. What the hell was she doing staring at one? It was only then she realized her mouth had dropped open and he was looking straight at her.

"Whatever. It's okay." She turned around back to her locker, her cheeks flaming red. What the hell? Why she was she turning red? 'Stupid bodily hormones' she thought to herself and began to turn the dial again.

She felt arms encircle her waist and she was pulled back into a chest.

"I haven't seen you here before. How about we get to know each other, hm baby?"

"Get off me, you whore." It came out of her mouth before she knew she'd parted her lips. His arms instantaneously froze and his friend burst into laughter.

"Jason. You got burned."

He let go of her and stepped back, "I was kidding around."

His friend obviously didn't get the hint to shut up, "Damn. Wait until the team hears this one."

"Derek, I'd start to run if I were you."

"Oh. I'm scared. What's Jason going to do to me now?"

Syeira focused on her locker as somewhat of a play fight began to emanate. As she ignored the laughing and yelling behind her back, she breathed a sigh of relief as her saving grace, the bell, rang.


She'd reached Biology fifteen minutes late to her horror and as she'd predicted, everyone turned their heads to gawk at her as she stumbled to an empty seat at the back of the room. The teacher, some middle aged bald guy that looked like Mel Gibson daftly looked at her once before returning to his lecture.

Opening her books, she flipped to a random page and pretended to mold in with the class. The teacher was going on about class etiquette and such; things that half the students of the class weren't paying any attention to.

"Hey, are you new?"

Syeira looked to her side to see a girl, her auburn hair tightly braided and tied with a blood red hair tie. The girl had worn a jail-striped dress with black boots that went up to her knees. Sheesh. Had she just sat in the rebel row or something?

"Yeah, I moved in here last week."

"I saw you call Jason a whore. Nice going, there." She winked at her, smiling warmly. "He'll only retaliate by making your life a living hell, basically."

She was only fifteen minutes in school and she'd already marked her spot at the bottom of the totem pole. "Fabulous."

The girl frowned. "Sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out or anything. I just hate him, that's all."

Syeira straightened her back; actually surprised someone was conversing with her. Maybe she'd found a fellow reindeer, or chicken – whichever one she'd deemed herself as. "How come you hate him?"

The girl scoffed, "He's basically labeled himself as the God of the school. He's leader of the football team, he's in grade eleven but he's school president, he's piss ass rich as anything and he looks lowly upon the ones not worthy. You had potential, you know, of becoming his groupie."

"I'd rather not."

She grinned, "I like you."

Syeira broke out into her first genuine smile, "I like you too?"

"I'm Cassy, by the way. Whatever rumors you hear about me, I swear they're all true."

Syeira laughed loudly, attracting a few odd glances from a couple students, "I'm Syeira and I have no catchy phrase line to follow that, sorry."

"Could you two please pay attention?" Professor whatever his name was folded his arms across his chest, his jaw set firm in frustration. As the two girls nodded, he sighed and continued on with his lecture.


"Well, basically if you've seen the movie Mean Girls, you know this high school inside and out. You stay away from the football groupies, also known as the self-proclaimed queen bees. There aren't any cheerleaders, thank god for that. The druggies do their stuff at the back of the school, so steer clear from that, unless -."

"No thanks."

Cassy smiled, "Alright. So anyway, all the dramatic arts students hang around the theater. We haven't got any other arts program, so students with other artistic talents kind of tag along behind them. Any athletically gifted students are given a free ticket to popularity and the throne to rule the school and any academically gifted students do their homework. I've covered it all, I think."

"It's so cliché." Syeira shifted her bum on the gravel they'd made themselves comfortable on and rested her back on the portable. They had a clear view of the soccer match going on; what with the one soccer ball wafting back and forth between dozens of shirtless guys.

"It is." There was silence as her cell rang and she read the text message she got, "Onto less depressing matters – do you want to crash Jason's party tonight?"

Whatever connection she'd made with Cassy in the past few minutes crumbled, "Wait, what?"

Cassy's eyes widened "Don't get me wrong," She sat up straight, "I just want to trash his bathrooms."

Syeira felt the peer pressure-closing in. "I don't think I have the guts to, Cassy."

"He won't even know we're there. Everyone who's anyone's going to be there."

"Is that what the text message said?" Syeira looked at the cell phone; she needed one of those.

"Yeah, a few of my friends are going there." Cassy stared at her for a moment, before shrugging. "Okay, well I'm still going to go. I'll give you my cell number. If you change your mind, you can call me."


X.x. Syeira x.X: Ask me how my first day of school was.

Love.Me.LL: How was your first day of school?

X.x. Syeira x.X:) Not bad.

Love.Me.LL: Mine was awesome.

X.x Syeira x.X: Aw. I wish I were there.

Love.Me.LL: Me too. Syeira, I think Josh likes me.

X.x Syeira x.X: Josh? My ex-boyfriend Josh?

X.x. Syeira x.X: You there?

Love.Me.LL: Srry. Yeah. Your ex.

X.x. Syeira x.X:

X.x. Syeira x.X: …….

X.x Syeira x.X: I'd LOVE to chat but I'm off to a party.

Love.Me.LL: Who's?

X.x Syeira x.X: Some Jason's. Heard he's cute. K. Bye.


Syeira dialed Cassy's number again. She felt like she was falling into oblivion again and if Cassy was going to drape toilet paper over toilets and had asked her to join in, there was no reason for her not to have a social life.


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