Jason Andrews Hates Gays

a/n this poem isn't all so good but this happened in school one time and I just decided to write about it.

I'm no doctor but I know Jason Andrews is sick.

He doesn't like Melina because Melina likes Carey.

He thinks they're God-hating fags.

I want to agree because I am Christian.

But he hates them.

What am I suppose to do?

I don't stop and stand up for them.

Why would I?

Its wrong and corrupt.

But I don't hate them.

I'm not a bad person.

They are.


Will letting Jason say those things make me bad?

Of course not because I'm a Christian.

But he is sick?

I have no problem with him he's not racist.

But other people are.

I stand up for them.

They were born black, Asian, and Spanish.

Why would someone want to hate them?

But what about the gays?

I don't know forget I ever thought of it.

I'm not wrong because I'm Christian.

Jason's not wrong because he's Catholic.