does this wool over my eyes
make me seem years younger
or does it appear that
I hunger for indifference.
I will step on you
and you can smash my face
with told you so's
and so it goes.
the wool is sleep-inducing,
stretching eyelids
down to my chin,
it's alarming
how quickly I've been
pacified and
with efficiency you've
put the ester gauze
over my mouth.

you've deemed me worthy,
and now I'm honored.

so work your magic,
there is no fair play,
I am your patient
and inanimate.
I am subdued,
so infiltrate,
climb up my spinal column,
and tug the cables of my axons
and watch the reflexes twitch,
I am insensitive.

you'll whisper kindly,
candied words, like drips of honey
that spill over the brim,
they are like liquid, slipping,
but soon the words will coagulate,
and the wool will dissipate

and I will seek second opinion.