My Father,

only yesterday in the autumn of 1953;

Just a little boy

locks of gold just like the sun,

and eyes as bright as a springtime sky;

The budding branch of a growing family tree.

And for a moment

so brief in his time;

Running and playing in the sweet green grass,

watching the world go by.

Always giggling which was contagious to anyone around;

A laugh that was filled with happiness and joy;

Just as an angel would sound.

Tender of heart

Face of grace

a soul so kind;

These only being a few of the reasons

why I am proud that he was mine.

The first child

The first son born;

This young man who became my Father,

the one that I still mourn.

Little one

as life just begun

gifts from God, you were given;

And with those many talents,

among them

a voice to sing

self taught to play the melody of a guitar's strings,

and the beauty to compose a hymn.

These traits carried over

much like the luck one finds in a four leaf clover

in the man you came to be;

I only wish that I could have seen the glory

and love of a simple life through the eyes

of which you seen.

A loving man

A strong man

A caring man who wore his heart on his sleeve;

My father worked hard day after day,

and never once with a complaint;

never did he hesitate to lend a helping hand.

To me,

he was already my divine saint.

My Daddy whose smile and warmth

could brighten the darkest room,

His soul

His spirit

His faith, forever a flower in bloom.

My Father,

like no other to me;

An angel already chosen on earth,

by God,

the one whom shall lead;

by God,

whom was granted his own pair of wings.


I often asked God,

"Why did you take him so soon?"

And for so long the answer did not seem clear to me.

For years I searched to find the meaning,

and was left without a clue;

But like the rays of a new mornings dawn

of a sunless sky,

like a delicate breeze just whisping by,

a gentle wind mild and sweet through the stoutest of trees,

or the rememberance of the purest of dreams-

it had all came clear.

An invisable voice like the flutter of an angel

had heard what I had longed to know,

and whispered in my ear;

You see,

my Daddy

a messenger

a follower of our Lord;

Well, God had bigger and better plans,

for he,

my Father,

carries out our savior's word.

And my Daddy bared his own cross

until he could bare it no more.


don't be sad

your little girl has found the path,

and I'm taking it step by step;

Faith has guided me here and death I do not fear;

For it is the beginning of eternity

with the ones we lost and love so dear.

My daddy is my angel wings,

and he'll guide me, this I know;

Just like his hands that once strummed

along his guitar strings

that still play softly within my soul.

Even now,

as hard as I try,

there are days when the world seems dim;

But, my dear Daddy,

this you must know...

Dear God,

Would you let him know?

that I pray,

and I hope that he knows

some how

some way

I'm on my way to him.

Dedicated to my loving Father 10/2/53-1/5/02

Kimberly Ellis