Jan and Laura, the Poisonous Phantoms

I never would have thought that I'd really start trying to rule the world! I'd always think of plans to do it, but until I met Jan and Laura, I didn't do anything to make people suspect me. The day they came to my town was the day my life changed forever… I can still remember everyone crowding around them in the front yard of the school. They were surprised that there would be two new students coming to our school. Our town was so little that we would have never even thought that people would know about it!

"Hi! My name's Jan." Jan had said in a confident, but sweet, voice. Her long blonde hair shined in the sun. She had big blue eyes that resembled the eyes drawn in an anime picture. I remember thinking about how they were so beautiful. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a sleeveless red shirt. She was probably around 5'6".

"I'm Laura." Laura said in the completely opposite voice of Suzy, shyly. She was trying to hide behind Jan, pretending to be scared. Laura had light brown hair that was cut in a short fashion, her bangs swept to the left. She too had eyes that seemed animeish, but they were red. She was wearing the identical thing that Jan was wearing, except that the shirt was blue. She's shorter than Jan, about 5'4".

Jan looked around the crowd with a sly looking smile on her face. When her eyes set on me, the smile slid off her face and she whispered something to Laura. I had wonderer about what it is that they were saying, I never did find out. Laura looked towards me and smiled, coking her head a bit to the right.

As the bell rung for school to begin, the crowd quickly disappeared and things became normal once again. As I began to leave I felt someone's hand on my shoulder.

I turned around impatiently. I wasn't surprised to see Laura and Jan. "What do you two want here?" I asked coldly.

The innocence fell off their faces when I had turned around. "So you are just like us after all." Jan looked at me coldly, but very welcoming. "How many people have you killed exactly?"

"What are you talking about?" I snapped quickly. I tried my best from looking scared.

Laura studied the way I looked for a bit before speaking, "You have the face of a murderer. The kind of murderer that Jan and I have been looking for anyways."

"Laura and I have been searching around for a few months now." Jan took a step towards me.

"What are you two talking about? I've never killed before!" I tried once again.

"Don't lie to us Kristin! You're good at lying to others, but we're not as easy to fool." Laura laughed. "We know about the people you've killed here in this town. Ten students right? You've killed so many here now that you're in the news at places other than here! If you don't leave you'll get caught soon."

"Why don't you just drop the act and admit it?" Jan asked softly.

"How did you two know? I've never told anyone before!" I growled.

"Because murderers know how other murderers look." They both smiled a murderous looking smile.

"Come with us Kristin." Jan commanded me. "We won't let them put you in jail. Help us get closer to our dream of ruling the world. Just think, everyone would have to obey you!"

"I… How do ya'll know my name?" I asked in a surprised voice.

"Will you come or not?" Laura asked impatiently.

"So that'd mean that I'd have to leave this town?" They nodded. "Than what are we waiting for? Let's get out of this dump!"

That's how I ended up here in one of Louisiana's best suites. Apparently Laura and Jan were just girls that ran away from home a few years ago. In order for them to get money to carry out their plans, they worked as assassins. They were known as The Poisonous Phantoms. Why? Because no matter what, the police never could find them. No DNA that was theirs was ever found. They worked so quickly and professionally that nobody's ever been able to stop them. Nobody's ever lived after seeing them kill their prey. Just like poison, after you put them on someone, in a few days that person will be dead!

The Poisonous Phantoms was my new family after I left my town. Jan and Laura were my new sisters and partners. They gave me a reason to live. That reason was that I had to help them fulfill their dream… my dream. Also I now had someone that I had to protect… my new sisters. My family.