a rather entertaining idea i came up with a while back. Written between August and October 04. but it rocks so i typed it up and i give it to you :)

War of the Words

Pretty gave butterfly a black 'i'

And moth kicked butterfly's 'butt'.

The words were fighting

A terrible war

That was rather funny to see

The 'ass' in assumption was blackened and bruised

By the fury and rage of the truth

And peanuts took the 'pop' out of popcorn

And roads grabbed the 'tar' in guitar.

Death stole the 'be' from teddy bear

And re got the 'fa' out of far.

The 'ears' in years were taken by face

And Hallowe'en trick or treated 'boo' from a boom

And dog kicked the 'arf' out of scarf

And kanga stole 'roo' from a room.

The world had problems

For books were torn and bloody,

From the fighting going on inside.

It really didn't seem all that funny

When the words started beating on our hides.

The war of words raged on and on

So we finally let words alone,

But the war had no need to continue

Words had finally made themselves known.