Elizabeth: January 4, 2007

Hey! So, I was really bored so I just decided to send you a really weird comment thing that's really stupid and pointless... But then I kinda realized that I didn't really know what it was that I could actually write so I just stopped typing just to think.

Well, I just kept thinking for a few seconds and then I got really frustrated by all the thinking. You know how if I think for more than one second my head starts hurting. Well, yeah, that's why I stopped thinking. After that annoying thinking thing, I decided that I'll just start typing and see what would happen.

That didn't really work out very good b/c after I typed about twenty times who it is that you liked, I started typing gibberish. Yeah, I took it into consideration that you didn't understand my gibberish. Yeah, so I was stuck again about what it was that I could type... after a while I just decided that I'd just type a really short and simple comment. One that just said, "Hey Nina, thanks for being such a great friend and soul sista."

But by the time that I thought of that I kinda already typed all of this... so I thought well I might as well put what I had to say in here so... Thanks for being such a great friend and soul sista.

Well, after I copied and pasted that I realized that if I ended the message there, I'd give this comment a reason for its existence, and I didn't want that to happen so I kept typing... Well, Bye!

A/N: Heehee, ya'll might not understand all of the stuff that's typed on these comments, so I'd probably have to tell you on the author notes. Just telling ya'll now, these are actual comments on MySpace that I typed to my friends. I'm not using their actual names because I don't want to "endanger" them in any way. ::snicker::