Craig, January 19

Hey, well here's my Romeo and Juliet comment. Aka what I think of the story. As we all know, it all begins with slaves hat suck their thumbs. I bet someone just said that that's offensive because they liked sucking their thumb. A lotta people must have hated him a lot! So, the slaves were bragging and they get in a fight with the other slaves. The old guys of the family "fight" with each other. How do we know that they weren't dragging their feet or something? I mean, they were probably scared that they'd die. So, the Prince comes and says a few "English words" and threatens people. I believe that then be got the, oh so lustful Romeo. sigh When will he shut up bout "his" oh so beautiful Rosaline? HE'S A DARN WIMP! Then comes immature Juliet, oh so sweet and naive. Not knowing that waiting in her future is the deadly LUSTFUL NON-LOVABLE ROMEO! Run and hide your kids before they all drown in Romeo's tears. gag Paris is a retard that wants Juliet for more money I bet. I mean, Juliet's mom only wants her to marry Paris for the money. How do we know that Paris wasn't just doin the same thing? Gosh, how could people even thin that this story is "romantic?" So far, all I've seen is lust, lust, and umm... what's that word? Oh yeah LUST! That concludes my first comment on Romeo and Juliet.

A/N: If you like Romeo and Juliet, please don't get mad at me. Okay, so we're reading the story in English right now, and we haven't gotten that far yet. We always make fun of what's going on, so that's the main reason why this thing "exists." Hope you liked this one.