I'm not so much weary of laughter
I'm not so much tired of tears
I don't worry what may come hereafter
or to carry the weight of my fears
I have no thought for mere days or hours
for sweetness that so quickly sours
or for wonders or wills and powers
but the silence and weight of the years

I could sleep through the sound of our screaming
I could rest though you stay up and weep
Through a storm I could still be found dreaming
through the echoes of ocean and deep
I care not for night's revels or raving
for the dark and the sunlight it's craving
for the name on the stone we're engraving
but the silence will not let me sleep

The night makes the hours seem longer
and tears make the ocean feel dry
The wind makes the silence seem stronger
and death makes it harder to die
And sleep only makes me feel weary
while the press of the darkness is near me
while the hours are dragging and dreary
and I don't have the strength left to cry

I haven't the strength left for living
or to face the long hours of night
or to tally your sins for forgiving
or to face all your envy and spite
Now I'm lost in the guilt and the sorrow
and you don't have the strength I can borrow
and I can't count the days to tomorrow
as I crawl between blindness and sight

More is said in the silence of dreaming
than in all the world's whispers and tears
or in all of our struggles and screaming
or in all of the weight of our fears
We've grown tired and weary of hours
of this sweetness that so quickly sours
of the wonders and wills and the powers
that we've lost in the silence of years