I wish I could be ok,

I wish I could make up my mind

I wish I could let these feelings go

I wish I could see you as just a friend,

I wish

I wish

I wish


Is for fools sometimes

So I am a fool

A fool for wishing for these things

Not only am I a fool for those wishes

I am a fool for wishing you would tell me you want me

I am a fool for wanting you

I am a fool for thinking that things will happen again

I am a fool for thinking of this false hope

I am a fool for not letting go

I shoulda just let go

I shoulda

I shoulda

I shoulda

So many things I shoulda done

So many things I should do

So many things I can do

So many things that have been done

Some good and some bad

Some I am not sure about

Think I just may have to wait and see

So I just don't

Make another mistake to chalk up on the black board of life

For it can't be regret

Living life with regrets

Is not a way of living at all