in the forest


he went to her and just knew

so he asked what was wrong—

while their friends quickly left them

to the privacy of each other


she told him; remembering that

he didn't like it when she said 'nothing'

for once, she wanted him to know

for she needed him on that very day


and they went for a stroll

through the pathway of the forest

where she showed him her secrets;

casting aside her fears and—

told him of a lucky star


still she would have said more

and told him of her wishes;

of how they had finally come true

before asking him of his dreams


but she sought for his comfort

through the peaceful silence

as they stared at the darkening sky

in each others warm embrace


when she laid her head upon him

she noted how well they fit together;

as if it were just meant to be—

and that brought a smile to her face

not just because he can make her laugh