The news told me I wasn't pretty
A few years ago when I was home alone
It just flicked on and told me I was ugly
And no one was there to correct it
And I didn't want to tell anyone about it
Because, then, I believed it

I was not flattered by your flattery
In fact you pointed out the worst of me
It's why when I was given the opportunity
Yes I did stand up and leave
And even if I smiled as I walked from the room
I felt my upcoming inevitable doom

That summer the water told me I was cold
Even though I felt impervious and quite old
I believed in what the water spoke of
Because I had no one to spew love to
Or maybe it was something I wanted to do
Just because I had nothing more to prove

I was so scared as I put on my best clothes
And I nearly choked on my own puke, lowest of lows
But I was going and that was something
Even though I was so badly shaking
No one held my hand walking through that door
And once that day was done, I was so much more

Took too long for me to meet that girl
But once I did she became my whole world
Without her I doubt I'd have made it
And without me I don't think she'd still exist
Any closer and we could've both broken
Lucky we never let it be spoken

Sitting in the classroom pretending to listen
Music means nothing when you're speaking
And all I was doing was seeking
Those words were damn near sacred
And how I loved those little hesitations
The spark of an obsession

When summer came again it was over
I had lost another friend, it just wasn't spoke yet
But she was too honest to live and let
So of course she dropped me on my head
I didn't know what to expect
With the serenity I had left

Finally I collided with him and let him in
Just so I could learn the secrets within
Plus I finally had time for other friends
And those hesitations were driving me nuts
I wanted to know if he was a hero or a putz
And who was he to fuss

I guess it didn't take much to figure him out
But I still don't know what I'm talking about
Stepping into another useless fear wrought
Prison where we scream loud and shout
But like I said, we just want out
What'm I talking about

The news told me I wasn't pretty
Flashing pictures of broken cities
But when it spoke it reeked of pity
And I was forced to cover my nose
Since I hate stench like those
I turned off the TV, and was left alone

It's so nice to have a visitor
When I feel like an insignificant sister
And even if he loves her so much more
And even if my love is such an ugly chore
I don't listen to the news anymore
Because, now, I no longer believe it