I am dying
I am here, dying
I am cold and my skin can feel
Cuts that have long ago healed
My pelvis bone holds blender blades
Of which are pulsing in my insides
My eyes are boiling water down my face
Oh how sickā€”like blood they taste

I am dying
I must be dying
The voices, how they tell me so
And I certainly believe in them
My head is filled with liquid bullets
And I'm suffering from poison of lead
I hope that none shall mutter my name
After they lower me into the earth

I am dying
I am simply dying
My broken feelings are piled up
And I've chosen to give in this time
But at what dire and stupid cost
There's nothing left inside my eyes
There's only my skin so cold
This must be a young aged old

I am dying
I am dead in the head
And even if another beautiful girl
Comes and lays with you in bed
I want you to realize, before I go
That I am so in love with you for you
And no one will ever love you like I do
Because no one else could be this confused