I don't love you
Is all I want to say to you
Even though it's not true
There's so much to lose

I don't think you'll be able to hold my hand
When I'm fighting myself and can't even stand
I have no belief that you'll stay by me
When I'm chewing myself and kicking my knees

I'm aware that every breath I take in
Is impartial and probably considered sin
But I have to move on and keep my head up
Because people in this world need more than enough

So I guess you could say I'm just lost for a way
To bring myself up so I can have a good day
And after all these long nights where I pined after you
I'm beginning to wonder what's best for you

But I listen to you, desperately occasionally
And you always seem to enjoy interacting with me
Even when I am a mess and all I do is confess
For whatever reason, I think this is close enough to best

I think it's a little late but I want to say
How much I appreciated every single day
You stood there and listen to my bullshit
Because without that I'd never have gotten through it

Listening to myself think has driven me to madness
And trying to destroy myself has left me in shameful batters
But I think there's something I'm missing still
And it's not just a plunge out a window sill

Will we meet again if we both turn away
Because I don't know if that's healthy
But I can't understand what you see
When you decide not to abandon me

DAMMIT I can't believe I fell in love with you
After all the time I put into roping myself down
And making sure I didn't make a peep of a sound
But now it's all I can even think about

There's so much to lose
And I don't want to lose you
So I'll lie to try and save you
I don't love you